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Feel better soon!
Goodness, that guy is a true creeper. I think that is WAY creepier than a darker character. Its the ones that are always cheerful that you gotta watch out for. On another note, Is that new avatar of yours from Idiot Abroad? Looks like the same bloke.
Trouble seems to follow Atty like DT hangs from his backpack...George must not want to see her next birthday, either that, or she needs to improve her fleeing away in terror
It's sad
I only now noticed that Thad's missing an about slow....
they do say that smoke is a good bug repellent, i think the fire was more effective though...nothing like the smell of charred bug flesh ...mmmmm...
I'm thinking BBQ, Great job as always H0ly, I remember always being annoyed watching the TV shows in the morning and everybody walking away fine after being electrocuted, roasted, frozen, dunked in the sea...etc..