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Ello, I'm a simple, young person who likes to draw. I am pretty normal and my life is all around normal too. So if you recognize me from somewhere, just say hi.
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    Abrahan Zavala
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welcome back C:
He knows about the fourth wall.
We must save him.
lasse looks like a happy child.
that hair, so orange, so much brighter than my future.
Feels like they'd be important later on buuuut...nah.
November 18th, 2015
Thats a poynta.
Charlies girlfriend was a poynta.
What does this mean...
October 10th, 2015
Wasn't duskid also the one that flo dressed up as a girl?
Also- I'd love to see the shirt's face on the last panel
You were right.
I am happy now.
Welcome back, we've saved your seat.
Haha...I get the reference..
AH, hello!
It's been too long, barely started reading up again until I found out about what happened after Joshua was born.

It's sad, I'm sorry to hear that with Joshua. But he has a great family to help and support him as he grows up. I hope he grows up happy and healthy! So I wish you luck, and hope for the best with Mai and Bernard! As for Connor, hopes he has fun and joy with the Africa thing. As for Miriam; I live in California~ Hope her And Adjeet have fun here, get use to the drought we're having.

And for you...well thanks. It's probably weird to say but..this lil' journal really helped with my own life. I appreciate you just laying it out, something I don't know is as easy as just drawing it. I thank you, for getting me inspired again and hopeful too. I sincerely hope you stay so too.

Btw; brad is a good guy. But I was wondering if I could have his opinion on architech as a major in college. Sorry, haha, it's just college is just a year or two away and I want to know how it is finding a job or how the daily grind is, possibly how classes may be. Sorry again..
On A Side Note
dat ass
Jah~ Tell her congratulations from your readers I guess. Hope they live happily ever after. But man, now she's going to be married and Connor's going to graduate (I think..). You must start feeling old.
I see a squirtle amiibo
Those eyes that Atty had, filled with determination.

I like that in a man.

Although wow!! There's a 3ds in this world? Wonder if their pokemon is a game called Digimon.
Looks like George and Atty switched jackets. I wonder what that's about?
...I think that's just a microwave.

Anyways, this is how you make a flareon!
Soon Brad will start going grey and get some goatee stubble...

Speaking of which, have you ever tried growing facial hair?
Abel's not a pedophile...well I see that he does live away from other do invite themselves in...he has a knack for cute things...hiding something that might get him arrested...hoards many eevees (and possibly their evolutions) and is tech savvy. Plus he's a lighthouse (tall and bright up top)

Don't see why more people visit him.
Collection? Of [insert illegal drug]?
ha, "wraps up". I get it..