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Hi! I'm a senior at RISD. I make comics and weird things happen to me sometimes.
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    Chelsea McAlarney
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New Comic!
Hey guys, been awhile! RAARE is pretty much on indefinite hiatus, though I might revisit it in the future. For now I have a new webcomic I just launched on the 13th. If you're interested, check it out at the link below!

@Oly-RRR: Aw man, just knowing that there are people who still wait for this comic to update is heartwarming! I'm going to try my best to update more frequently!
Sorry for the wait
I'm still making these. Sorry it's slow :')
@Cozza: i'm down with that! i had a pet rat in elementary school. better than any other pet i ever had, including my dog.
oops... forgot to update SJ this week :'D MA BAD.
@The Bearded Man: the minicomic? sure! I sold em for $5 a pop I think at my senior show :') It's just a 5-page zine type thing, but if you want one I can throw you a sketch or whatever of the characters in there too!
@The Bearded Man: i'm going to have a kickstarter soon!! for awhile, the only way to get a copy of the first issue will be to donate to the kickstarter and receive the book as a thank-you... so that's coming up soon!! and after that i'll probably be selling the extra books online somewhere, haven't thought that far ahead yet :') As for this milk minicomic, I already have copies of it around, though I'm not sure how many are left... but it won't be in with the first issue, it's kind of a bonus/standalone vignette.
Someone on Tumblr asked if they failed the project. I responded:

Nah, they did alright! Ruth is actually pretty serious about her grades, so she wouldn’t have let that happen (see above). She doesn’t like to come across as someone who tries really hard, though. She prefers for other people to think that she is effortlessly successful, even though in reality she is a hard worker.
September 24th, 2012
September 24th, 2012
goddammit jakub is adorable
There's something you don't see every day.
@jonasfx: i use to stream!! usually stream in the evening if at all. When I start streaming I make a post with the link on tumblr!! ( you should come hang out sometime! 8D
livestreamed this one too! <3
I livestreamed this page!! Thanks for keeping me company if you were there!
Okay, I let this go for way too long without an update. That's gotta stop.
July 16th, 2012
YOUR FRIENDS LOOK COOL 8D this page is so sumptuous maam!