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October 6th, 2012
hurhurhru. I didn't expect the transformation to come so soon, but I'm not too disappointed with this. c: keep up the awesome work mai ^^
September 17th, 2012
dear god... i choked on my pepsi when I saw "DeviantArt"
/secretly shipping this too
these two are so cute xD
makes me think of the relationship between Tyler Durden and the narrator from Fight Club.
oh gosh xD
this is great. i love the last panel. macy's adorable.
oh gosh xD
you actually did it. I have to ask, what program do you use to make your comics? c:
or do you hand draw this because that'd be super amazing.
ohhh when I say duck breast, I don't mean the duck has boobs xD
uh... where the fishy thing looks like its lips are touching is like... the chest of the duck and the little circle on the top is the duck's head. I hope that clarifies. c:
I swear I see a fish kissing a duck's breast at the top of the smoke. .. .. or maybe I'm over analyzing this picture and I need some sleep...
@MoodleThePenguin: not if she kills albie first! heheh can't wait to start. It's much more interesting with clashing personalities.
@MoodleThePenguin: not if she kills Albie first xDDD
ohhh this'll be fun.

@MilkyCat: I think that Cain and Dylan might be able to work it out... unless they hit on the same chick or something. xD
just realized she looks realllll creepy when she doesn't push back her bangs xD
put her in a white gown and mess her hair up and BOOM you have the grudge... or the ring chick. Either way she could make up for some awesome scares
sounds like a plan animetion xD
lololol. I was thinking we should have a slenderman here xD
oh gosh... the information on him is soooo descriptive /sarcasm
it'll be a fun mystery to solve i suppose c:<
i ship her with the doctor alrea---
coughcough whut? she looks adorable xD i bet characters are going to purposefully get hurt just to spend time with her.
August 12th, 2012
yeahhhh I can see in a lot of love-hate relationships with people xD

@ Coffee + Panda: Exactly what i was going for again. c: can't wait to use him
i love your art style > u <
i can tell already neither of my characters are going to really like her too much but I've definitely already fallen in love. xD
he looks pretty awesome and different from the rest :)
i was waiting to see a skater-type boy xD
August 12th, 2012
hahaha at first when i saw this i thought the black over his hands were oven mittens and then i thought: what a strange character!
i have a feeling Cain's going to like this dude c:
August 11th, 2012
when I hear Milo, I think of Meelo from The Legend of Korra. xD
he can join the freckles club with cain c:
August 11th, 2012
Well, here's that second character. Tried to make a character that was a little different from the rest. :) He didn't turn out to look as evil as I had hoped but hopefully that will change later.
August 11th, 2012
oh gosh. i'm going to have a hard time drawing this guy xD
i really like this guy though. he looks so... chill. like... the opposite of the character i'm going to post up soon xD