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Hysuan ish cute :3 Ands I like the chibi so cute~
Noah is sooo cute >.< I lurve him and his blissful idiotness
truffles <3
Awww poor Noah, being punched when he was just trying to help
They're just so darn cute >w<
Yay more =^^=
September 24th, 2007
Yay I have internet again and can actually go on it!! >w< I have been sj deprived ;.;

I like where this is going too >3 I like how the story has developed since the last time I read a page (which was quite a while ago)
Heh, he's like me then, lazy (cept I don't sleep in class) =P
Eiji's so cute in the second panel =^.^=
*fangirl squeal* I love when I'm the only one at home and reading this, I can squeal out loud as much as I want X3
HO-YA!! No interuptions!! If anyone saw that and tells Mrs.Dove, they're gonna be in big trouble
I can't see it ;.; now I'm sad . . .
I wish I had something better to say, especially since I got comment virginity ;.;
I'll add a sun to burn away all the red o.o
I like purple too though . . . *starts adding blue* =^.^=
I would've been routing for both O.o
Aw, Eiji got hit on his cheek *applies a bandaid and pets Eiji*
Hiwatari was smart to stop it there ^.^
August 23rd, 2007
Helloooo Kyel ^.~
Well that's too bad, ain't it? lol =P jk(sorta) =P
I meant that Hiwatari is naturally good with his abilities/powers, or whatever you want to call them =3
Heh-heh, this is gonna be fun ^.^
Heehee =^.^= Eiji seems quite good (of course he'd be) but I have a feeling that Hiwatari is a natural =P
I wish I could manipulate water o.O
August 21st, 2007
Oooohhh pretty colors ^o^ Somehow, I'm not sure that plan's such a great idea O.o
Every time I see a page, I have to take a few moments to oggle at the art O.O In other words, I love it =^.^=
I like that ending :3 Well. I like all of it =^.^=
Oooohhh I like that cover too =^.^=
Toshino and Hiwatari are both awesome, who says you have to chose which you like better? (at least not yet) =P
What if Kyle was the perverted one and not Thomas? O.o That would be just a bit odd =P
Hehehe it's so not gonna be from who he thinks it is X3