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Edible Squid
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D'aww, now I have to wait for new pages. u-u
Oh kid, I'd hate to be you.
Expected a toilet flush. e-e
I was never allowed to have any fish when I was a kid. I always use to take them out of the tank and play with them. Then I'd get in trouble because I kept asking for fish and killing them. At the time, I didn't understand, and as I think about it now.

wow, I was a pretty dumb kid.
Edible Squid
November 17th, 2011
This chestnut comic sidetracked me from In Debt. But now I really wanna read it. e-e
What! Come on, it can't be Rita. Who would want to already knock off a hot babe? I can't possibly think of anyone who could die this early. Unless. . . SOMETHING UNEXPLAINABLY MYSTERIOUS HAPPENS AND THEY CAME BACK. Or something.

If it's Gene, no way. I don't think he had enough panel time.

Chestnut? A cutie, but not as dramatic as it may be, seeing as he never really had any huge spotlight quite yet. But that's just me. I can see it, however, effecting the other guy. o v o
Chestnuuuut :3
Death is cute, he really is. Even if cute may not be the right word to describe him.
I hate fillers.
But I'll make an exception. It seems I always get all giddy when I see your colored images. I'm not sure, I suppose I just really like your style. And your angles, which I nearly envy over. I wish I could pull it off, but I can't. I kind of wish Photoshop would install on my computer, but I'd only be letting myself down because I can color and make things so pretty like you. ;~;

Still loving Grimm and all of his bad assery<3.
I really don't know what to say.
I just keep loling.
@KiyaChan: Typical male? Hmmph!
Colored, yay.
I think your colored pages are so pretty. I'm really hyped to see them. > v <
oh, grimm, you
Why must you get me all excited from your goofiness.
I'm not an emotional kinda guy
But maybe I'll reconsider.
a new character I may possibly be in love with?

Kid does not endure enough torture. )B
I love your colorriiing. o v o
hey, bitchface.
I thought kid was going to be jerking off or something. Not sure why. facedesk.
ninja grimm?
yes. :dowant: