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My name is Mariah Leigh Wallace and my alternate name is Jordan McKenzie Boon. CORRECTION, my name is Jordan McKenzie Boon and my alternate name is Mariah Leigh Wallace. Which is my actual name? Answer: IT DOESNT FUCKING MATTER DIPSHITS! You can call me Jordan, Mariah, Leigh, McKenzie, Ms. Wallace or Ms. Boon, I will answer to any of those titles, but lets try to keep it informal, WE�RE ALL FRIENDS HERE RIGHT?
ANYWAYS, I�m all sorts of blonde with shoulder length hair and teal eyes, but my right eye is more blue while the left is more green. I�m caucasian with freckles and wear rectangular glasses becase I�m near sighted. Still here, AWESOME. I like, pokemon, yaoi, BL, Shounen Ai, Bishojo, fan comics, HOMESTUCK, Steampunk, yuri, hentai, ROLEPLAYING ANYTHING, as long as it's not just senseless gore or anything anti-Semitic or racist in anyway, this girl don�t roll like that, uh-uh. And yes, I AM A MOTHER FLIPPIN' GIRL, TEE-FUGGIN-HEE! Haha, if you got a problem with that then you can just click that little back button right up there baby.
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November 18th, 2011
,AGCKBJAHJVxm BzNOOOOOOOOOOO, IM ALL CAUGHT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!i wanted to keep reading.=C/sobbu
But this is a brilliant story, i love love love it thusfar!! Well dont, splendid really!!!
November 18th, 2011
but wait, didnt he skip work when Shuno went missing?
Is it just me, or after the first pokemon game that ya'll played, did anyone ever want to punch the professers when they did they're whole explination schpeal?