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Absence of evidence is not evidence.
what do the words that flash up say? i cant seem to read em :T
February 17th, 2014
August 20th, 2013
woa what a qt
i wonder who picked out the vagina medallion on her chest
I can't understand the obsession the states have with peoples race. I don't even know my own other than just being mixed hahahaha
@octokiss: before the last one wasn't there one that started with him meeting her in a coffee shop? my brain tells me theres another but I think it's wrong.
is this the second or third time you;ve nuked this comic? or is it the fourth...
arson would be an awesome name for it tho
February 21st, 2013
@Pixel8ed: hahaha few things: blankd comments on plenty of other comics n the like, it;s not at all embarrassing to devote so much of her time to being a critic, Archia herself has asked blankds help critiquing her work, and that;s exactly what being blunt means.
and really what;s so embarrassing about it?
also successful doesn't mean good. Have you never heard of 50 shades of grey and twilight?
February 20th, 2013
@Ahriannah: Blanks not a bad lady she;s just a bit blunt, a lot blunt. Think about the effort she goes through to read the comic and make such lengthy comments asking questions n the like.
I hope theres a magical transformation~
Shoulda gotten Vega in here to show him how it;s done.
I'm waiting to see the flaming heterosexuals reaction.
I'm guessing that;s ink! also inverse heh
November 17th, 2012
Man maidens definitely needs to be a thing. Since the first of the blizzard came out of Melody's pod thing, and she didn;t get planterized, the ice maiden theory still hasn;t been squashed.
November 10th, 2012
So she's an ice maiden then?
There gonna be one super powered beedrill that survived after having gained the collective experience from this that beat that that beat this etc.?
that was actually kinda hot.
September 15th, 2012
Darn, No changing rooms.