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I like drawing.
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    Dylan Sands
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@digikoopa: @MetaFawful: @EJ122: Thank you for letting me know :)

I’ll definitely come back to work on it again soon. You can bet that I won’t be leaving such a huge hiatus without any sort of contact again, but I still have other projects I’d like to work on. Odds are I’ll return to 151 Hidden Depths within the year, as I hate leaving something unfinished and I have all the future updates written on a text document so all that’s needed is just to draw them.
This might be my last one for awhile. I haven't been getting as much feedback as I had hoped, so I'm gonna work on another comic for the time being. I'll come back to this one again someday. I just get a little discouraged putting so much work into something that I'm not sure if a lot of people even read.

For those that do though, stay tuned! Be sure to like my Facebook page for future updates :)
@Guest: Absolutely not! ...okay, maybe a little.
The truth about where all those Tentacool come from when you're just minding your own business.
The color in this doesn't hurt your eyes, does it? I hope not, this one was a doozy to color...
70 strips done! Almost half way there!

...oh man.
Don't worry, Bellsprout will get more importance once she becomes Weepinbell.
A new schedule appears!
I'm gonna try and have new strips uploaded on Wednesday's and Saturday's from now on. I really want to finish this series since I've left it on the back burner for so long, lol
This one took a little time. I really like how it looks, but it still feels a little too busy to me. I'm still learning how to make comics so I consider it good practice at least.
@jovialMagician: For now at least. I feel like working on this comic again, lol
Damn. It's been over two years...

Sorry guys.
@MarioKong: Braaaaains...give me your I can steal your ideaaaaas...

@cooldog102: What did Viz revive?

@Miles Hikari: Alive and kicking! Next update is Saturday!

@Teal Talonflame: I think you mean Kadabra, and yes :)
There's a lot of foreshadowing in these strips.
I'm going to make an attempt to keep to a schedule, but I think you guys know me too well to not quote me on that...
@zetina: I'm not dead, I swear!

@Axies: I'd never abandon my fans :)

@DemoncatShade: See, I told you I'd return!

@Pocket Pangolin: You look so familiar... ;)
@Captain Ghost: Unholy devil fruits! I like your avatar!
More to come! ...I hope...
@DemoncatShade: I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, I've been taking animation courses at college which took up all my free time. I'll probably get back into making this comic when Summer comes around again.
@Ginger: Shh, just pretend all the Pokemon have their Dream World abilities!
Weekly update
Yup, it's been exactly seven days since my last strip. Does this mean I'm gonna do one a week? Only time will teelllllll...

But yeah, it'll probably be one a week. Every Wednesday.