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I like vidya games and drawing.
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@jovialMagician: For now at least. I feel like working on this comic again, lol
Damn. It's been over two years...

Sorry guys.
@MarioKong: Braaaaains...give me your I can steal your ideaaaaas...

@cooldog102: What did Viz revive?

@Miles Hikari: Alive and kicking! Next update is Saturday!

@Teal Talonflame: I think you mean Kadabra, and yes :)
There's a lot of foreshadowing in these strips.
I'm going to make an attempt to keep to a schedule, but I think you guys know me too well to not quote me on that...
@zetina: I'm not dead, I swear!

@Axies: I'd never abandon my fans :)

@DemoncatShade: See, I told you I'd return!

@Pocket Pangolin: You look so familiar... ;)
@Captain Ghost: Unholy devil fruits! I like your avatar!
More to come! ...I hope...
@DemoncatShade: I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, I've been taking animation courses at college which took up all my free time. I'll probably get back into making this comic when Summer comes around again.
@Ginger: Shh, just pretend all the Pokemon have their Dream World abilities!
Weekly update
Yup, it's been exactly seven days since my last strip. Does this mean I'm gonna do one a week? Only time will teelllllll...

But yeah, it'll probably be one a week. Every Wednesday.
@Rocket0634: She was never dead, a coma!
Did Hell freeze over?
Yup, I'm back. It's been...what, a year and a half? Huh.

Also, WHOA! The comic looks different! I decided that since I always drew four panels, I might as well style it like a traditional 4koma strip. Updates will still be infrequent, but don't worry. I'm not quitting ;)

Umm...just hope all my old fans will see this.
@MammalSoup: Sure am!
The most delicious of all gods. Whoa, god, dog...was that intentional?
@remington: I wouldn't expect anything less from anyone. Though, no obscenities?
Fixed the error in panel 4. Also added some more effects to Poliwag's evolving! The original...wrong image can still be seen in the video *I said sheepishly*
@Lucazke: Probably around two and a half hours. This one was made over the course of two days :)

@SpiralPen: Thanks! Yeah, water is fun to draw!

@ColeDX: :I
Ffffffffffff...I'm gonna fix it XD
Bonus video unlocked!
Here's a video of me making this strip!
@SpiralPen: Glad you like it! I read a bit of yours too. Cool style.