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I like my butlers to be spiders and I like my smut involving twins. Preferably twins boys from Germany. I like my models to be little blonde boys that aspire to raise chickens. And I like my girl groups to be focused around an Ice Princess.
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So great. I love this so much. Can't wait for the next update!!!
Ah yes let us makeout in the sand during a totally epic battle with all of our friends/enemies/colleagues watching xD
This is soooo good. I hope you update soon. Looks like you haven't updated in awhile now
Ohmygod I love this comic so much! Can't wait for the next update! <3 <3
Your art is amazing. It looks exactly like in the official manga. *bows downs*
Fantastic Idea
So glad that someone finally made Story of Evil into a manga! I've seen an anime version on YouTube but no one every really goes to the full lengths like you did here. I'm so excited to read this *favorites comic and grabs popcorn*
You are simply amazing.. oh my gosh seriously.

I've read UlquiHime fanfics before but this is the first time that I've ever seen a doujin. You did a wonderful job making sure the characters stay in character and making sure the plot moves forward without being too cheesy.

This is so amazing. Every page has me squealing! Oh god I love this so much! You've done a wonderful job. I must now bow down in praise at the awesomeness of your artwork!
I'm jumping joy and cooing! :3
Woah there! Getting frisky now are we?
You drawing skills kick butt
I'm impressed...
Not a Sasuke/Naruto fan. This pairing does nothing for me...

But my goodness your art and coloring is amazing! I'm just... speechless. It's simply fantastic. I especially love how you draw Sasuke (I'm a Sasuke fan if you couldn't tell yet)

Your level of skill is one that others should bow down to.