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Hey everyone this is Andrew, [Alpha as most people know me.]

I'd like to take the time to thank you for coming to see my profile and I'd like to say well met everyone to anyone who's never seen my face and hello again to those I knew in the past.

The reason I'm updating this is because I feel like it's the proper place I can vent my apologies towards everyone I've argued with or hurt in the past:

This Link has my apologies to everyone I can think of right now, I know some people are missing, I'll put them on when I remember:

I miss all of you guys.

<3 Alpha
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    Alpha Markson Anthony
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>south park montage song
>from team america REEEEE
fuckin' work man
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half shitpost half shitty promotion for a comic I won't update.
I don't know what I should comment,

I'm at a


for words.
some shitty bird about neroe being a bird and flying in that panel here.
I've never seen so much 2007 in one image
I dunno who my favorite character is, but I know my least favorite is edgy mc edgerton over there in the hoodie
is his name Gillette, because that guy is fucking edgy
Van and People brought up in the discord that no one could read it, so I altered the font I used and changed the shadow on the letters, hopefully its more legible now.
@Light-Called-Hope: I'll keep that in mind, I kinda compressed all the text already to make the gif and I'm way to lazy to re-animate it over again.
Sorry for bubble inconsistencies, a lot of the color of the first ones I made got lost trying to animate the 2 panels.
Sorry it took 23 days to make a shit update, I started Summer Class for college and I haven't had much free time (6 classes left before I graduate.)

What should the new plot be?
Oh I actually made sprites for once in my life.

Anyways this is a new concept on an old design (the old sprites are bad and suck a bunch of dick) :

I'm not happy with the shading but hopefully I'll actually finish this.