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I love drawing and have recently gotten into comics. I'm going to be posting some comic series' here. Hope you enjoy!
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new brushes!
It's my birthday! Hurray! THE SHADING HAS RETURNED
@Gabzilla: I'll take it you like it? :D
@Mark Stokes: Hahaha that was a beautiful sentence XD Thanks for stopping by mark! :)
@Mark Stokes: HAHA! That was the best comment I could have received. It's funny because I say that all the time. Just as a regular term. Thanks for the comment Mister Strokes! :) Always great to hear from you!
@Deathtank: Sorry man haha. There might be more in the future. We'll have to see
@Deathtank: I don't wanna explain it haha. You godda think about it yourself. I wanted to make the comic like the game. No clear answer. You come up with your own story. That's REALLY difficult to show through comics when someone expects to be guided through the story. So use your imagination and come up with your own story :) thanks for looking at the comic!
@Deathtank: I don't think brother bobby is his actual brother. You might be right though
Thanks so much everyone for all the views and support! Thank you Edmund for okaying this! I might continue the series at a later date. I'm busy now so I can't really do much. We will see in the future.
@G.B.A: and boom goes the dynamite!
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: never underestimate bother bobby
@senor_pena: My favorite strategy is killing stuff before I get killed :D
@senor_pena: The best strategy in isaac to date!... the only strategy to date...
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: He needs to run quick! He needs to lose the pounds from that lard power-up!
@senor_pena: *proceeds to vomit blood and jump around annoyingly*
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: He was hanging out in isaacs closet!
@G.B.A: He's Satan! Shame on isaac!
@wenkuang77: Isaac doesn't wanna do a speedrun this time :(
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: Maybe he's going crazy... maybe he isn't. Questions :)