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Strange girl in an unstrange world.
Arin, that outfit! I'm blushing. :D

I may have missed this, but how old is Arin here?

Arin and Guthlac scene. Exciting!
Yes, Scarrow! Go! I expect amazing things from you.
Scarrow! Why do you look so good? Is that rope I see?

I like your new avatar pic, is that Fidus with Arin? Arin looks a little more grown up. :D

I have no idea if I'm doing the comments thing right...
February 19th, 2013
But poor Arin only gets one page? Aww =(

Yay! Fidus is waking up. I can't wait for Scarrow to re-meet him. Excited!
February 15th, 2013
Aww Fidus! I really like Fidus and his conflict. I'd love to see more of his motivations and what happens when he wakes up.

I would definitely buy a 100+ page comic, but I probably would not buy it in smaller issues because of the costs incurred. I'm used to reading manga (and I prefer manga) so spending $10+ for something that's less than 100 pages is weird to me! Also, I don't have that money. So while there are some really wonderful comics on smackjeeves that are being published and sold, I don't buy them (even though I really really really want to!) because spending $15 for a short 40 pages is not worth it to me. That being said, I do realize that it's really difficult and expensive for the authors/artists to print the books as well. But it all depends on the quality of paper you use etc. So while it would cost loads to print just one chapter of Mindwash (which then means I can't afford to buy it) it'd cost less to print something that's in black and white and it gives you more paper options so I'd likely buy it.

And it's definitely not too early thinking about doing a Kickstarter project right now! I'd definitely support you!
February 11th, 2013
Aww poor Scarrow, protector of the (not so) weak humans! Are we going to find out what exactly became of his past love? (Did he get eaten and die? Is that legal?)

Can't wait for plot! :)
Solar bomb sounds like a great name! I'm voting for solar too. :D

I'm glad that my interpretation is along with your thoughts because while I wholeheartedly agree that books belong to their readers, I also really really want to know what the author wants. Because books should also in some part belong to the author.

I'm always nervous about aftermaths of betrayal scenes because I have read some very unsatisfying after-scenes but I've also been very pleasantly surprised. So I'm excited!
I don't know if I'm being overly optimistic or I've just grown attached to how you've drawn these two lovely characters, but I really hope that the present-day and the rest of the Scarrow/Fidus story won't be pure angst. Or pure horrible echo. Or pure sadness. Because now I feel kind of sad for Fidus. Which makes me wonder about his motivations for being a vampire/following the Matriarch's orders. Mmm plot!

I like the name of "Sun bomb" for the weapon. When you first mentioned it, I definitely thought it meant a bomb of natural sunlight that would kill the vampires but wouldn't really do much to the humans. I didn't know there was a controversy on this! But I guess UV bomb could definitely imply that it meant a bomb that spews extra-harmful UV rays which would be pretty bad for the humans too. But honestly, UV bomb sounds really cool.

I'm glad you think I'm interpreting your comic correctly! Sometimes I think I might be reading too much into something or not getting what I'm supposed to get. So really happy that you said that. :) (I may have dedicated a good portion of my life and free time to understanding a story so it's good to hear that it wasn't a waste of time.)

I'm really looking forward to a cool Scarrow scene. He's still my favourite character and I think you've set him up to be this really amazing person (being the leader of Abolitionists and all, and still holding his own as a slave in Guthlac's household). I'd really really like to see a Scarrow/Guthlac scene where Scarrow is the one in power. (I saw the reverse-art you did and now I can't get it out of my mind).
Wow! Another wonderful line: "And the secrecy will be over" set to the panel of Fidus and Scarrow kissing while Fidus is on espionage duty. It's playing with my emotions!

Re: revolution: That's okay! I was hoping that the whole Abolitionist vs. vampires would become a major part of the story. So I will eagerly await that :)

I'm so happy you said there is more to come because I really think the Fidus/Scarrow interaction after Fidus wakes up and returns to the Matriarch/Guthlac's household will have rollercoasters of character development and emotion(al development) and I seriously can't wait.

I adore Scarrow and I am eagerly anticipating his narrative again. :)
I can't wait for Fidus and Scarrow but I'm really excited knowing that I'll be seeing more of Guthlac. Maybe it's his cold and aloofness but I seriously love his character.

I hope this isn't the last of Scarrow/Fidus, despite knowing how horribly this all ends! I am intrigued by the conflict that will be between them later (and all those emotional emotions). (Even though I'm hoping for some lovely Guthlac/Scarrow setups later. Haha, I love hate-ships. :b)

Hmm...I really like the development of the "sun bomb", b/c it's making the Abolitionists seem pretty extremist too, and it at least gives the vampires some sort of justification for wanting them gone. But still, I do wonder, with the vampires and their smart secretly-totalitarian ways are they simply extremist too or are there redeeming factors in their actions? But either way I'm totally enjoying this whole set-up. And I can't wait to find out what's happening to the revolution now that their plans failed. :)
That's exactly what I thought when I saw the "war is inevitable" caption ON THAT PANEL! And now the "-To threat" is on a panel of Scarrow. I cannot express ALL THE FEELS that come from this scene. I feel like I'm basically repeating myself by saying you're wonderful every update, but seriously. You are amazing!

And these pages, with the flashbacks and the foreboding narration, really builds up to the Scarrow/Fidus relationship. It really makes me wonder how Scarrow feels about Fidus, and how Fidus feels about Scarrow. And if their relationship is going to be broken permanently.

I seriously cannot wait for Fidus' conflict, because he doesn't seem to be the cold aloof character that Guthlac is. (Which makes me think if Guthlac was given Fidus' job would he be a lot more efficient and cold-hearted about the results?) I definitely want to know about Fidus' thoughts during the explosion (and him protecting Scarrow) as well as now that Scarrow is enslaved by Guthlac.

Also, did Fidus know that Scarrow was the leader of the abolitionists in this scene? Or was that something he found out for the second assignment. (I have a feeling this answer is going to come up in the comic soon...but I cannot resist asking. :P)

Also, I can't help but wonder at the line "their actions have become unacceptable". How far did the abolitionists go? So far, it seems as if the vampires are totalitarian (which, by definition, makes them pretty awful). But is it that simple? Or did the abolitionists go into the morally questionable grounds in their actions too? Is this a white vs. grey story, or a grey vs. black story, or a grey vs. grey story? (In the terms of TV Tropes. I'm certain this isn't simply a black vs. white story.)

As always, I love Enthrall and all the amazing happenings of this world. Can't wait for the next page!
I love how you're weaving the two interactions Fidus has while on his mission together in his dream! It works beautifully!! And it just seems extra tragic that the line "war may be inevitable" is while Fidus dreams of being in bed with Scarrow. How are you so amazing?
@Bloody-Rose97: Ahaha, that would be a pretty strange...experience? But I actually meant his line "Drop trou. I require sex."
Yay update! And yes, seeing sexy Fidus at work :D

I think Guthlac's line MIGHT work...but coming from his face it might just be weird. (By which I mean, SO FITTING FOR HIM.)
December 23rd, 2012
Yay update! Haha, I like Guthlac's way of asking more than Fidus'. Come on, Fidus, you can be sexier than that!

Will we see more of Jack? Jack is pretty darn cool. :D
December 14th, 2012
Yay updates! Wow this page feels like it had a lot going on. Maybe it's just the number of panels. I loved all the different angles!

Guthlac/Scarrow switch art is beautiful! It'd be interesting to see Guthlac in that position. Really interesting.

Haha, so many authors do horrible things to their favourite characters. But I totally understand the sentiment. Even though it hurts when Scarrow gets hurt because I adore him so much (I think he's probably my favourite too).

I love world-building! And you do the reveal and concept so so well. :D Can't wait to see more.

Surprise! No question this time. I can't wait for the next few (nsfw) pages. :)
Ah, what you said just made things a lot more interesting now! I love this scene and I love Fidus POV and I do love Fidus/Scarrow a lot (because they're both underdogs in a way?) even though I basically like all the plausible pairings so far (except for Fidus/Arin but not because I dislike it, I just don't see it right now haha but that's probably because I'm just weird...but I am glad that you didn't show any romance between adult and child because that's one of the few things I have issues with even in fiction) I find this scene even more exciting knowing what happens at the end of it because I'm all about backstories :D and I think it really builds up the tension/emotions of the relationship (even up to the end where Fidus saves Scarrow from being burned). Scarrow is my favourite character but Fidus is up there with his handsome charm and gentle ways :) (wow that sounded a lot creepier than I thought it did...)

So if Fidus and Guthlac are "brothers" doesn't that mean the same vampire turned both of them? Doesn't that go against the one-sire policy?

Haha, should I just stop asking questions now? Thank you for answering them though! You're awesome :)
November 30th, 2012
Thanks for explaining! How do humans who want to get turned convince a vampire to turn them? Or how do the vampires choose who to turn? Is it someone important or would they turn their slaves/food-sources?

I really like this page, b/c I love all Scarrow interactions. But also because Fidus is absolutely awesome. I still can't really see Fidus and Arin romantically. Maybe it's because I'm MUCH more interested in the hateship between Guthlac/Scarrow and what will be the hateship between Fidus/Scarrow? Or maybe it's because for some reason I think Arin developing a romantic relationship with a human is more exciting than Arin getting involved with a vampire.

I get really excited every time I see Enthrall updated quickly but I'll probably stay excited even if they're slower. :D
November 24th, 2012
O-oh, so in a way the oppression is kept going because there is an "out" by becoming a vampire but only if you're willing to keep up with the societal view. That's. Awesome. (Well, not awesome as in the society's great but awesome because I just love revolutions...although I generally like them with few bloodshed.)

I'm really excited for the Fidus flashback! I just love his vampire expressions! (And Guthlac's too but Fidus just seems to be more expressive - because he's younger, maybe?) But for some reason I find it really hard to imagine Fidus and Arin together. I guess because I see their relationship as brotherly or parent-child more than anything.

Question (I hope you don't mind all the questions...): How do you tell apart the born and made vampires? And I think you've said it already but I can't remember, which type are Guthlac and Fidus?