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I am a designer and sequential artist. I studied graphic design. I enjoy writing and drawing comics and manga, reading manga and fantasy novels, and watcing anime. I like to work both traditionally and digitally.

Besides Nissie, I also use the screen names ninjanissie and ninjapink.
Reyan got stabbed in the shoulder...arm...area...
New gear!!!
No, don't touch your sword, Zane!!
A new visor?!
I'll admit I abused the music staff brush to make this page.
Gotta trust that intuition.
They really need to figure out how to get passed that magic lute.
@CAMLOST: Thank you! Much appreciated :3
But, you're super smart so it's okay.
That didn't last long....

Also, Happy Valentine's day!
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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
Just hanging around by the dumpsters.
The task at hand
Backpacking through the port
Maybe putting more force behind your swing was a bad idea...
The Hover Raccoon, back in action!
Magic Science!
A good friend knows when its time to let you go do crazy stuff without them.