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I am a designer and sequential artist. I studied graphic design. I enjoy writing and drawing comics and manga, reading manga and fantasy novels, and watcing anime. I like to work both traditionally and digitally.

Besides Nissie, I also use the screen names ninjanissie and ninjapink.
It’s a good thing they’re friends
Serious Business Raleigh to the rescue!
Wonder what THAT could be…
Happy New Year’s day, readers!
Evil with a smile.

P.S. Happy new years, readers!
Merry Christmas, readers!
You spoony bard!
Those voicemail prompts always catch you off guard.
Way to ease people into not killing you by telling them your tale of murder
Sometimes kicking things makes you feel better.
That's not good...
What harm could letting him play a few notes do?
Someone needs to cut their bangs (or should he….?)
He's finally revealed !!!
SO he shows his true face! Dun dun dun!