I am a designer and sequential artist. I studied graphic design. I enjoy writing and drawing comics and manga, reading manga and fantasy novels, and watcing anime. I like to work both traditionally and digitally.

Besides Nissie, I also use the screen names ninjanissie and ninjapink.
Let’s dance~!
It’s a very important thing to know when you’re at a school dance.
Awkward children
@dracone: Oh yeah. Thanks for the heads up.
All the things you need for a High School dance party, right?
Curly hair girls, you know the struggle.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hi at AFO! I had a blast. I hope I can table an Artist Alley again soon.
Make-up is hard.
By the way, I’m tabling with my partner in crime Dallie at the Anime Festival Orlando Artist Alley this weekend! Just look for the Twincoon logo! I have a bunch of prints for sale, including some RingTail ones and some RingTail comics too!
What a cutie~
The main gray RingTail suit is a onesie with a skirt on top! You heard it first here!
A new chapter!!! Zoom!
Chapter 16 has come to a close, as you can see. I decided that between the next chapters, I’ll post four-panel comics from this little AU story of Magical Girl RingTail~☆!
Yay! Rose managed to get over her baby tantrum….maybe…
And Rose is remembering the side plot she started…
Hi mom, protagonist is home.
Saturday was the 6th year anniversary of the first cover art I posted of RingTail. To celebrate, I redrew the first cover art! Crazy, huh? Time sure flies...

Oh yeah, tomorrow will be RingTail’s 6th anniversary. Thank you everyone for sticking around this long! Full speed into the future!
What do you think I do all day? Play solitaire and browse Facebook?