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I am a designer and sequential artist. I studied graphic design. I enjoy writing and drawing comics and manga, reading manga and fantasy novels, and watcing anime. I like to work both traditionally and digitally.

Besides Nissie, I also use the screen names ninjanissie and ninjapink.
@dracone: Hmm, I think he just can't take a hint. He really wants everything his way, I suppose.
No means no.
Near, far, wherever they are...
Worst pick-up line ever.
Thank you Captain Obvious.
@WiispNightmare: lol good idea
Hanging by the water cooler
I said I was gonna post on Wednesday, but I got busy and I had to choose to either update or sleep. 6__6 I like sleep, i'm sorry (not really).

Anyway, yay! The first page is up! Enjoy!
Break Time!
Welcome Back!
Hellooooo out there!!!! It's been over a year since my last Dragon Princess update...x__x;;; I apologize! But I've finally got myself back into gear in working on this project! Thank you everyone who supported me and have read my comics up to now!! It means a lot to me!

Originally Dragon Princess uploaded on Wednesdays, so I will try to keep up with that schedule, but I might adjust it in the future. For now, enjoy this redraw of the Chapter Six cover illustration!
More dancing!
Yeah! You better run!
Girl squad, assemble!
Oh, it’s this guy again….
P.S. You can see me draw this page in a recent livestream on the Twincoon Youtube page!
No dialogue, just a dance montage!
Let’s dance~!
It’s a very important thing to know when you’re at a school dance.
Awkward children
@dracone: Oh yeah. Thanks for the heads up.