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Does this tree count as a secluded area?
Maybe it's a supply of candy and his white van? It's probably the egg mentioned at the start of the chapter, but how would evee climb the tree? Waiting for monday... and if you don't update on monday, I'll... I could unfav, but I'd still like the comic, so just update then. Wait a minute... did he transform into an evee for the purposes. Will he show Patch the same thing he showed evee? suspense rising... Wait, would ditto be both male and female?
Remember, if the ditto has a white van, be even more careful. Alternatively, Thunder him, then steal candy and the van
Trainer FAIL!
Well, she kept pushing Patch...umanji, besides, who throws newly hatched pokemon into battle. Probably EXP Share. Also, keep updating. I like the comic.
Enough, at least, to elict a chuckle, though the page before was extremely chaotic.
Quality (Again)
See? Much better.
Note that this page and the one before were made with little-no sprting skill.The next few comics will rise in quality, but I won't remake these until later, as a reminder of suckiness.
Not as disgusting as the secondary pump.