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Previously known as TeamSonicPrez.
I will get to comic making soon.
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@Hydra: Meh, I stole one of your lines today so I don't care.
@Hydra: Whatever you say, Zappy.
@Hydra: Hey, that's my reference! But still.... the alchemey thing is funny.
@Draven22: You're back!
Love this comic. Keep it up.
@Spar Elric: Her. Name. Is. SAPHIRA!
I am aliiiive! Previously known as TSP.
@Bruce the Hedgehound: I'm still figuring out Gimp because my new computer doesn't have enough memory for and we recently installed Windows so no MSPaint.
@Pizzaman_Colors: Physically, better, but I'm left with the mental scars from being in a hospital for 3 weeks.
@Pie God: I will try squares next time, thank you.
@Pie God: No, just Chrono.
@Floydyboy: I prefer circles, thank you.
She's been running for 3 hours straight and is lost in Antoine's maze of a castle. Yay for her.