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I'm about ten times odder then you're average poptart,
<3 Myme

I believe me!
~ Memak

we both happen to be a bit odd, but we're happy about that. We both draw, and write, and sing, and on occasion dance (but that scares people and is potentially damaging). We're here to make you laugh, and hopefully make sure you're not bored for at LEAST a few minutes.
do have a lovely day.
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We're back...I hope.
We all know how this usually goes down, but I'm hoping to redo all the comic pages and push forward into the actual material.
So the quality is going down, but at least I've updated OTL

I'm trying to get this up and running again, even if the pages aren't going to be gorgeous....let's all remember a time when they actually looked decent, shall we? When there was time put into them? OTL

Finally updating and oamsdfabhsd;jfahsfda I'm so sorry I haven't since now
I have no excuses except like....laziness..and...other things seemed more fun ;A;
BUT I'm hoping to update more often, (you all can praise Milly (who none of you know) for the update this time, she's pure evil and therefore her suggestion to update spurred me into action >>). On the downside, quality may be low because school and stuff and therefore I don't have time to really....make things enjoy the ugly art >>


(oh, and i'm glad to get rid of the aprilfools page XD)
life. ART. Life. OTL I haven't worked on the comic at all and I should get my act together or say screw it and throw it out the window....preferably the first option.
Eventually there will be updates! I should at least draw up the characters to amuse people. Such a bad illustrator oh man OTL
~sincerly, and apologetic Myme
How do i plead?
BAT SHIT CRAZY! *whips out blades*

....i loves this guy, i'm excited for the next page. ^^
Happy april fools!
i bring you anime and bishies
all in the worst quality!

my goodness
Well it took a bit, but i got this page done how i like it.
first real perspective i've drawn sooo have mercy.
Love you guys >> wondering if i should do a Thanks for the ten fans again...hmm
We're up to TEN FANS AGAIN! life is GOOD! this is the max we've ever had, so we'll see if we can get to eleven OO that would be magical.

That's ok, he scares us too.
@Andrea C.Castro:
Thank you so much for commenting! You've made for a very VERY happy bunch! <3

and good! he's supposed to!
OH he went there!
Read as you see!
Read the text bubbles as you see them! XD i accidentally started making this read right to left! been looking at too much manga!
@snigepippi: You, have made our day.
The very next day, thought he was a gonner but the kitty came back cuz he couldn't stay away!

...that's a song's about...all sorts of torturous deaths this cat went though..including a meat grinder, and still came back.
ANYWAYS, here's a long over due page!
The drop
....we screamed, we sobbed, we died a little inside,
and we took the hint TmT
well more of i did....
Myme's gonna get her act together and get pages posted. I'm sorry i haven't been posting T,T
with the break between the quality should be better though....
so so sorry. And a huge thank you to those few people who've stuck around. We super appreciate you.
Sorry for the wait!
My hands have allll healed up! visited a doctor man and he made the bad thing go away!
....well ok.
Deal was that from over use i managed to get a cyst in my hand....
yeaaaaaah he popped it
yeaaaah it was the worst.
but my hands work again! So i can finish up pages you deserve and get back on track! we're sorry for the wait!

Happy vday, just for you
fan service, and carnage of the self mutilated bloody variety.

And flowers
and sushi

god i'd suck at a dating service.

i'm thinkin this art is a LITTTTLELEEEEE cleaner then what i was doing before. Oo
See you in chapter 2
Sorry for the wait guys! i'm well again and have Memak armed with a cattle prod! so....i'll be drawing more pages XD


....why do i have the cattle prod? Oo

With Love,
sick puppy
Sadly, i'm ill, so chapter two has been the last thing on my mind, which makes me sadder then sad ><

So expect a delay to the comic for a bit.

if you feel like seeing what Memak and I are up to, check our DA's



and yes, i do own that blanket