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The big fish obviously looking at the announcement for MegaMan X-Over, and is almost ready to explode in anger.
@Kirbysmith [DJ]: Speek woth ur hart an alwyz tak it wit u bac to teh start!1111!!!!!!!1
Dave! Come quick, I've finnaly found Wham!
Adventure Time
C'mon grab your imaginary friends
We'll go to not so distant lands
With With Luffinpuff the fairy
and Eric the human, the fun will never end
It's Adventure Time!
They seem underwhelmed to meet Pichu. I'd be to, but I'd at least try to seem excited.
Sonic!... My fanboy is showing isn't it?
WAIT, I have a solution to Molly and Hydra's problem. >Bathe in the Wicked One's blood, then go to room 4
Vera, troll extraordinaire.
@Blue-Senoire: Read the author comment on the title page.
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: they all seem level headed enough to not fight everything they see, but I'm sure something will go down and we'll only have one winner.
I'd deffinitlly join. As a noob, I still need practice, and this sounds like the perfect place to get criticism.
@1ce_k1d: Hello, my name is the guy who suggested this, and you are?
Folow him, but threaten to eat him if he does anything funny.
I demand a meeting between Groose and Linebeck, for their combined awesomeness would make even Chuck Norris bow down.
>Stick your head where his fan is.
>Eat his fallen arm to regain health.
*insert itsatrap.jpeg here*