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@Vilecheese: I feel bad because I kinda stopped reading this season
I guess I see how you didn't like Season 9 or 10 but I loved those seasons<3
however, season twelve </////3
October 12th, 2013
I'll join:)
Also, I have a character ready, is it okay if it's in the form of a sprite, since if it's not, I can draw one:)
She sounds really cute and interesting xD
@Tailslover13: I really think that Sunny could convince Dwayne in the next comic to flip.
Arty... What a bitch. smh
@LandenMaster: Hehe, didn't make her either, Swoosoo did <3
@LandenMaster: Lol, I suck at spriting, thebigjet made them for me <3
He's Fekkin Beautiful <3 Taanx <3333333
Looks interesting
@LandenMaster: I'll send you a little description thingy right now, on DA <3
Clifford and her are totes my faves <3
Best Sprite ever <3
I wish i could make a character, but idk how to sprite on the site :( Can i request a character, or is it too late?
I actually really like this sprite style ;) When will more characters be up?