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He's not forsaking his journey for the promise of fortune.

He's forsaking it for the possibility of hot sexy times. And who can blame him?
It's been forever since your last comic. I hate to ask, but what's going on?
@Me: Aye, Batton down the hatches. This ship is going to get... Interesting
@pipipipi: *shrugs* shit happens. Take your time.
Punch him
George.. The best thing you could do right now would be to punch him.
@ShinyHoundoom229: I have a feeling Pidgy kid will become a recurring joke..

He travels the land to defeat all the Gym Leaders and gets all the badges... Only to arrive after Atticus has won and shut down/destroyed/or otherwised caused the gym to be closed.
I'm most curious about how you're going to portray the RED fight...
February 5th, 2012
@bunnypower236: Eventually he's going to go to sleep.. And probably a time jump instead of watching him walk all the time when nothing's happening...

I'm guess only 200 pages left on his black eye..
November 19th, 2011
@Nya-Girl: You do realize we shippers are irrational people right?