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Keeps mostly to myself, likes to read, doesn't really care as long as it's right, and joined to make Paige money to make her better, with every piece of talent I have!
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    Cody Finn
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@Jesus the hedgehog: Manga Studio EXmakes things all pixelated and I'm way too lazy to draw some of the texts in, thus the higher quality texts, and I put a text box because; as I said, I'm a bit lazy to draw in most of the words
@Nocturnal-biatch: Sorry, but I do not make stolen art
I don't feel like drawing anymore tonight lol

I'll try to get the rest done tomorrow, good night~!
Spell Error o-o
No*, not "Now" lol
Another backstory
I have no clue what sickness or what's wrong with Paige, so I made something up...Drama~! Enjoy page 4~! ^o^
Fair warning, some stuff in this comic might be a bit offensive to some children. But there will be no nudity in this comic, just perverted stuff and an "After Scene"

All people portrayed in this comic are aged 18 or older if you wish to think so.
Manga Studio EX likes to pixilate my work, so the quality is a bit crummy. Also, sorry for being lazy, but I just typed in the words instead of drawing them. Another thing; In my habits, I draw Japanese sound FX, but it's kind of self explanatory lol. Enjoy page two~! ^o^
A little backstory...
Paige's sickness is cured, but with a little twist, romance, etc., Paige's occupation is a nurse in this comic by the way. Enjoy~!