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October 3rd, 2009
Fortunatley for him it won't matter much if it eats his brain
Actually, having abstract thought is better than just having logical thought. For instance, if you had to choose between a red and blue pill you'd do it based on personal preferences but a purely logical person would sit there for hours deciding which one would logicaly better to take.
Who is this guy who keeps escaping, Rincewind?
Is the title referencing "the Saga Begins" by Wierd Al?
Don't fret man, I've seen comics that are continuous action and frankly they stink because there's no point to whats going on. On the other hand your comic is awesome and chock full of awesome.
I'm beting the numans have to move to the pokemon world because their world's about to die out
Hey rentorian, if you're still taking questions how come the elder demons don't need magic?
The odd soldier... she isn't the missing racoon is she?
Rouge learned this from Knuckles finding the master emerald in her base
How lethal is this stuff compared to what the dwarves gave Steve back in Valhalla?
I always knew mountain trolls were wusses
And then Shatter falls from above and freezes the jerk.
I give him two days tops to mess it up
Failing aJUry Man he has made a master called Judgeman
Steve should totally make him into a bobble-head ornament for his car
you don't suck at photoshop Frobert's that color because he was drawn in blood.
THe use of unnessecary force in the apprehension of Jet Stingray has been approved
He will be taken down soon enough.
That looks like Magus' speech bubble did he just bring up thrir hopes only to crush them in a painfull end? I mean I guess that's funny if you're a sick twisted S.O.B.
Pineapple express?