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.A. I like dragons.

That is all.
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It's comfortably cold here :D
Most people are complaining but I like it colder.
Come, Mort.
Our people need us.

Sorry |D That's all I could think.
oooooooh = o =

Sorry about all your illnesses. I hope you're not sickly with a bad immune system D:
Sorry, I didn't post it yesterday... Yesterday was actually pretty relaxed compared to today, meaning I have lots more work to do... So I'm posting this early in the morning for ya.
Well. Alex and I are out of contact right now, so I can't rush her into posting authors' comments XD I told her on facebook, but she's not really online. When she gets online, perhaps she'll check and post one, but for now you just have your wonderful foo.
This page was actually really fun. We both had some tweaks on the hand, and filling in the black area wasn't as time consuming as we thought. Or at least, as I thought.
Also, one of us went to the layer below the lineart, and filled it in with blue. A really harsh, saturated blue. It looked SO cool with the shading we had done.
Here's the fourth page. I hope you guys are enjoying this :D I posted this a day late, so I apologize. Also, for anybody who is looking forward to updates, I'll be taking a long trip on Saturday next week. That means I won't be able to post the page on schedual. I hope I can post it early, but I may not post that week at all. Apologies in advice, and thanks for your patience.

(Also, don't forget to hover your cursor over each page for a little surprise ;D Every page has this little extra.)
The third page of the prologue :D This won't last much longer, and we'll get into the thick of the plot soon X3 I already have plenty of pages drawn, and as it comes time to post them I might edit them and update them, because my art is always improving. Drawing a comic is a great way to improve, as well.

There are a couple of things I'm not too happy about with this page.. The second panel has some motion lines that look a bit ametuerish. I just left it because 1) I was too lazy to change it, and 2) my style isn't perfectly realistic, so I figured there was some room for cartooniness.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy :3 ... Long author comment is long.
@Auloa: If you do, make sure you at least keep the original page posted XD

I'd still be rather amused.
Well here's the second page :3

Alex I swear to god if you log into my account and mess with these, I'll be the one acting like Stein >:|
I just got the feeling you'd do something like that |D So don't.
@Auloa: Wait, we forgot to draw the cursor in one of the panels.

. _ .,,
Foo's Comments:
Well here it is X3 I wasn't late this time. In fact, I was so early, I can't contact Alex to get her comments on this page |D So I'll edit it later with her comments added, or let her log into my account.


Well... she did it on her own ; _ ; nevermind, then XD I don't have to edit mine with her comments.
@Auloa: Yeah but you already saw the pages I've done. So this doesn't count XD
I couldn't wait until saturday XD If I get behind, I will stop posting regularly...
I might not post regularly anyway, knowing me XD

Hope you enjoy it :3 I'm sorry if the page is too small or too big. If you have any problems, please comment and tell me.

Woah, it's huge . - . Smackjeeves made me make this page smaller, just so it could be this big.

My canvas on SAI is 800 x 1090 px, so that's rather large. If it was any smaller, the lineart would not be as clean XD
*snort* as if it is now.
Foo's comments:
Well. Here you go. I don't really have much to say about this... It was drawn a long time ago so I don't remember the process xD I DO know that our character looks like Light Yagami, though ;D I think it's her hair.

Alex's comments:
' Gah, Idk =.= Why does it even have to be seperate comments anyway? |DD '
@pushingthehabit: Unfortunately, if we make the pages bigger, the quality will drop greatly. I'll talk to Alex about it, but I don't think we can fix this.
Thanks for reading! <3
'Looks like something isn't letting him sleep at night.'
I know what that's like.
*still haunted by slenderman*
siren's still here :D
and Sigfried of course <3
ooo dark evil aura coming from behind the tree!
I'm enjoying this.
Foo's comments:
Well, we are late :D We aren't really marking down the times so we can keep track of posting dates |D I'm still wondering if we should post this page on dA today or not. Here you go, guys. A late page XD Sorry about that. I'll try to keep my hourglass going next week.

Alex's comments:
(Alex didn't really have anything to say, just that we're forgetful... so this is still my comment XD ~Foo )
@zaire: Good on ye >:3 I'll do my best to keep Alex focussed and not dissapoint you VuV