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    Um...Acheo...I think... I can't remember.
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I've got a bit of a mod, not sure if It's good enough to show it. It certainly isn't ready to be in multiplayer, if ever at all, but I'm working on a mod, is all. All ready to use, though for Forge or whatever that has Forge in it.

I'M ALIVE. Kind of. Wait, why am I still on your characters page?
I'm not here, but...
...That's what I get for being inactive for so long.
Sorry, I'm not the one who handles souls. Ripclaw is.
The end.
I'm a little sad this segment ended.
What!? How is that possible!?
Daisy can sense the condition of her inventions that don't even exist in this dimension!?
Too bad everything failed when Firecat ate everything so I couldn't make a tower out of frozen objects to go tape the sky together.
Dedoo's reaction is priceless!
Well, at least it's a bit funny...
Looks like there's someone that finally agrees with Kaxo.
Oh yeah, the contest. Hmmm... I still need to think about what I'm going to do, if at all...
Since Fire Achasai and Ice Achasai are the same person, just give them the same background.

As with the pairings of the rooms, well, considering Plazem's my brother, I would agree.
All the Kiraziness killing Anny's mind?
@Ryjora: Then what's gonna be our chat? :\