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im a big yaoi fan and i love to see other ppl work i draw yaoi myself and i draw other thing too lolz i fun and cheerful most of the time lolz im just like an anime charter but in real life lolz
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awe i ship them already i just love what they have it's soo cute i feel like me and kylee would get along so well
I just love her "you finally had sex" had sex lol ^3^ she just looks so proud lol
Ugh I love this comic so much I can't wait to read more I hope you update soon 😁
This mofo is talking to a chick go kick his ass
Lol aim for your mouth lol nailed it

Wow I'm am so much like this dork it makes me laugh gosh I feel like me and him need help haha ^3^
I think she is just being nice and idk why people think she is flirting maybe its her outfit but I wear outfits like that to answer the door and im not hitting on men its just the outfit that makes it look like that I think

Sorry for ranting I just think she is not flirting haha ^•^
Well I'm happy you sticked with this comic I just can't wait for the next update!!!!!!
awe so cute (so happy i read this)
Awe he's so cute he is like a puppy I just wanna put him in my pocket

So happy I started reading this keep up the great work can't wait for the next update
I so totally understand her it just so freaky how well she understands
Awe he's a cutie I'm like that too sometimes
Wow just started to read it and I'm already in love with it I can't wait to read more
She is the one who dropped it right? But something tells me she is going to blame him poor guy lol
Awe this page is soo cute can't wait for the next one
That's wonderful that you feel better now I can't wait for you to return to us I hope we see you soon with more of your great pages
Awe he caring his stuff animal I freaking love him
For some reason I'm shipping Derek with Jake they just look cute together
I'm so freaking glad I'm not the only one with this problem it's always awkward talking to my mom...
Ugh you can't leave me like this lol it was getting good I just love love this comic
Awe he sleeps with a stuff animal that's so freaking cute he made my day haha