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This weeks comic will be slightly late due to packing for an upcoming holiday
Erm...shouldn't that be 32/50?

(or 64/100)
Ah Silanith, will I ever get tired of drawing you?

This is a strange little strip, I originally intended it to be a simple two row filler strip, but it ballooned by an extra row so it's more than a filler, but less than a full strip. And it doesn't quite fit in with continuity, but who cares about that anyway.

And please vote by clicking on the buttons below the comments list, it'll be much appreciated.

See you next week.
As per comic, I think at this moment the sites officially moved and all the options should be available. Or if they aren't or they take you to strange places they all should be definitely working soon.

The's a little dis-functional and very much a stand in. If it's not changed by the weekend that's my weekly comic, but I'll try to have something else up in the next week and a bit (although it's probably going to be another filler).

As for the future...I'll be working on a cast page next. Although who knows when that's going to be up.


I've put the comic up on two top comics lists, so please take a minute to vote for the comic, each one will be greatly appreciated.
This one felt good to draw, I especially liked the 7th panel.

Next week is probably going to be a filler...I don't think I'll feel like doing a full length comic. Bad week coming up.
This little strip is based off a conversation dating back to the beginning of May 2006. Although most of my Milk Bar strips is from around that date as well.

Oh, and finally fixed the image sizes.
I realized after I finished putting the comic together and posting up that I'd screwed up the image sizes horribly...will fix tomorrow.

Meh, I put it down to the horrible weekend I had.
Long week at work + minimal sleep = this

Not my proudest effort, just a bunch of text with minimal variation in artwork, but I have to force myself to do something each week otherwise I'll just stop completely for months like before.

@the gremlin from last time; thanks for the comment. What I'm trying to portray (when I'm not doing my own thing like this one) is what happened in the GitP Town from about three years ago, when it first began.
Sorry it's a bit late, work over the last week has been tough meaning a cut down in comic making time. It's probably going to be the same next week so expect another erratic display next time.

See you next weekend (hopefully).
Apology accepted guys :)

Although you do actually make a point that I should be more clear that it does pay credit to the OotS...perhaps a revamp of the title block is in order.
Thanks for the review :)

In my defence, I did state somewhere that it was homage to the Order of the Stick (if you could kindly refer to the profile of this), as the comic was forged in the forum to that comic. I have much respect for the Giant, as he inspired me to create this comic, and stated so, but it may have got lost when I switched the layout.

Anyway, I shall take the pointers on board and maybe return when I've done some more to see how it's progressed ^.~
Hi, can you review my comic (Order of the Town) please?

(please don't slate it too much :( )
Mid-week comic!
It's so much easier to do these when I don't have to write the scripts and fit the entire of War and Peace into 12 panels.

See you at the weekend.
I make no apologises for the last panel, I've had this ending floating around in my mind for a while now.

Enjoy the comic and I'll be back next weekend (or before if you're lucky).
It's very nice to see another oots comic other than my own. Keep up the good work, I'll be watching this one.
Panel 7 is a flashback (in case you were wondering).

Next comic will hopefully be done and up by next weekend.
Thank you.

I'm going to stick with this story arc for a bit...I've got two more comics scripted for this already and the first should be up this weekend. But as it currently stands she doesn't get lucky just yet, so more arguments and frustrations for her.
Took longer than I thought, but here's a comic. This one was a complete bitch to put together what with ghost Sneak and the top text heavy first row. But it's up at last.

There's a few things happening in this (although it might look as much), I've gone back to Sneak and Trianna's story arc (I like the shortened version of her name...I might stick with it if she becomes a regular character), Sneak breaking the fourth wall (again), the slight break in continuity (and it being recognised for the first time). And I don't know what I was thinking for panel 4, but it and the following panel made me giggle at the time. I must have been high on something.

Back on the story arc, I want it complete and tied up soon. Sneak needs to be good and alive again to head up the mafia again and he's required to introduce at least one more character. I'm not sure what I'll do next...I might go back to the milk bar, might do some more in Trog's, or something else entirely.
been a long time coming...
Yeah I know I've been slacking off and this is only really a filler comic, but seriously I'll try to get the comic up and running again. Who knows, perhaps I'll get the second hundred finished in the next 5 years ;)