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Bahahaha! This is too funny Deda! :')
/caps for excitement, mkay?

I love this page, Deda~ o u o
Why do I get a feeling there will be a Let it Go pun? D:

(the "you're in, yes you are iiiinnn" kinda triggered that for me..)
I agree with the falling, but first they trip over Fish, which makes him evolve and blow up the gym with dragon rage as the police arrives. :D
Oddish totally stole Rat's thunder. :(
His jaw is so pointy...

But, looking forward to the new chapter. <3
Castalia and Circe seem to be like besties. *Squeels*
Yessss selfies, ahaha! How did they take them, tho, I wonder. ;D
I want Circe's hair.
The way it flows when she holds it. Unngh.
Circe's Hair is now new favourite Character.
But "Castalia" is now the name of the cat...
November 7th, 2014
I'm missing pieces
But first of all: OMG OMG OMG OMG.

Some bits don't make sense. Or I miss some rapid movement/steps that aren't shown on the panels.
Like, first the bitch was BEHIND the aunt. Then we see Ilona is on the floor, then she's not. Then her aunt is shot in the FRONT.

Wait, then I think auntie quickly ran between the bitch and Ilona and pushed her down in the action.
October 23rd, 2014
OH, it's you again!
I thought I recognized the style and then here you;re avi and name show up again. n u n
+Fav, definitely gonna read, cause I like all your comics so far. c:
I got really confused at the last couple of pages and because of that switch..
I'll prolly have to read it all again when more story is revealed.
Wait, his third?
What about the other kids?!
Circe, why you have two sides to you? Q n Q

One utter bitch, one super awesome.
Omg that looks amazing!
Tho I did like to see you improving throughout the chapters.
The bag is so small; it doesn't even cover one butt cheek. D:
In a parallel universe I see them being BFFs and having sleepovers.