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People took their kids to see DEADPOOL, i could see this scene happening. Either parents don't know or don't care. Its like the people who buy 18+ videogames and then try to complain. I know this is a comic but people like this exist.
Is it just me or is the page constantly moved to be last?
Thank you! I was so excited to see my name there. I meant to reply sooner but computer decided it was nap time... Hope I'm still in time for this... Again, thank you so much! I love your art!
1. Rafael
2. Julian
3. Federico

I think lots of people will enter but heres hoping.
In Ch3 Jude was in the uke position but was still taking the lead.
June 14th, 2012
@Crimson Chains: After reading I realized that. Just worded a little funny, that's all.
June 13th, 2012
Question! Just started reading this one and I noticed that the summery says 'The Captain Kuragi take a liking to him,' which is confusing since this Kuragi doesn't seem to be a Captain.
I'm going to say this now since I noticed it. On the summary it says
"Matt has been training...waiting for his partner.

The boy he dreams about, Matt, may be him."

It says Matt twice. I just started reading this but I'm guessing both boys won't be called Matt.
Just started reading this today. Not sure if I like it or not but definitely want to see what happens.
Since I've seen 'Don't worry' in various stories I'm voting: "Well, everyone grows up, you know" just because.
This is one of the two main characters. ( I am fighting with his looks still so may/probably will change)

I call him Loki as a stand-in name but I don't know if I want to keep it. Therefore I wanted to ask for suggestions. I had said this was going to be a contest but it really isn't a contest per say.

You can suggest as many names as you wish, but please don't get carried away. If I pick a name you suggested, of if your entry is what inspired the name. (Like you said max and I put mac or something) I'll draw you something. Upper body OC type thing. Not much of a prize but hopefully it'll get me some names.

"Contest" ends a month from now, April 6, Or sooner it I manage to draw up to where Loki here tells us his name. (That will more then likely take more then a month)
Tired! Tomorrow I'll have info on that contest I want to do. Don't really know what the prize will be but it will have a longish time frame.
Welcome to my comic! I hope you enjoy it. :)

There will be a total of 4 pages in the prologue which I will upload today. Then I will go with the no more then one a week thing.

Also, I need a name for one of my characters holding a contest of sorts. Look for the info about that after the prologue.
@ Intoxic
I think he is upset because it sounds like the older guy(name forgotten) is helping out of a sense of responsibility or such and not because he just cares about him.