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Oh my god you live.

Why do you never call?
The orange on green for dragonite's text makes it a bit difficult to read, same with the white on cyan but to a lesser degree.
2 updates within the same year?
Woah, slow down yo.
February 6th, 2015
Tis' but a scratch!
Been a while hasn't it
2 years in fact, I even made a cake.

So how goes life? Me? Well, I finished my first college degree, but felt it wasn't what I wanted to be doing with my life, so I switched out and am now enrolled in an animation school.

Outside of that, I discovered "Pokeask blogging" a year ago, got into that, and my desire to draw has never been any higher. My skill has improved, i'm trying out new styles and just generally having a damn good time at that, specially since i'm working it into this new degree of mine.

It recently got me thinking back to these good ol' days of making GC, and while I may remember them fondly, I won't be going back to them. Sorry to say, it's done it's dash. This is more or less just an official notice now. The time I spent messing about with sprites has passed, and I'm focusing and actual drawing and digital artwork.

I'm not on SJ any more, I usually just come on here for the couple of comics I do enjoy reading, I have no plans to post any.

If you still, or even feel like keeping up with what i'm doing, you can find me mainly on tumblr nowadays...

I'm the guy who runs , you may have run across it. It stays true to the whole humorous nature this originally had (if not a bit better) but still works a story into there and I update it constantly, with at least a drawing a day. This is what I consider to be the main comic strip i'm running these days.

Yea, that's all I really have to say, I'll see you about if I see you'll about, if not, alls well for ya life.

Peace out.
~ShadowEmerl / TheUntitled1
You tried, and that's all that matters.
You're just pulling these puns out your arse aren't you.
god damnit, I repeatedly look back to the cover and remember that you freaking hinted this all the way back then.

You clever bastard!

I think i've hit that stage where, its just another regular old show to me. But that's ok, that's how I'd like to watch it any way.
One of them is going to die.

Calling it now.
I think I know whats coming...

But I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope i'm wrong...

I can't think of a wittier way of saying it right now, so...

Yea that things cute...
...Welp, yep, yep, ah no, wait... there it goes. Yup, my brain went died.

Great, you killed me. Thanks.
The only reason I find this even remotely stupid is that, wasn't this Lauren's original pitch to Hasbro? See "Galaxy Girls", and didn't they turn that one down.

Other than that, my expectations are already low enough, so we'll see how this turns out.
Best nuzlocke I ever read, would definitely eat here again.
"Run. Forrest, Run!"
Two comics in one day? Oh, you shouldn't have. <3

Oh? The main series artists drew this one, well ok then, that's pretty neat.
I don't get what Pinky is so frightened. I always figured pony-ville was a nudist colony anyway.
Awesome, after party! Let's get hammered!
I swear to drunk, i'm not Celestia...
Hold on, are those three gambling!
Oh, and obligatory Trixi ripoff-ery joke here...
Oh, that font style, I know where this is headed...
....don't think about drug jokes, don't think about drug jokes, don't think about drug jokes...
Damnit, you're not making this easy for me!
Luna get the heck outa here...
...ok, why the hell is rarity wearing a, actually that whole panel looks kinda.... ok moving on...
Well that job looks like utter shi-*slap'd*
Wait, doesn't that mean they're stomping about their ow-*slap'd*
Who keeps doing that...
I'd probably go about getting my money back at this point...
Well isn't this an "udder" disaster. If you need me i'll be in the corner.
like man, it's like totally cool like to just like use the word like every like freaking chance you like get it, like.
no,no Rarity, seize his neck, firmly in your ha- wait, how would a pony strangle someone?
No, he's not handsome, he's fudgin' creepy...
Every store's most hated word "refund."
I dunno, that dirt looks almost kinda tasty, NO.
Flim and Flam, now there's a name I can respect. Not cause they're cool or anything, but one's voiced by Double Dee. And anyone who voiced a EE'E character get's an instance like from me. Which makes me wonder why I don't like Rarity that much...
yes, who'd want to live in that pitstain of a town.
Kinda saw that one coming...
Quality over Quantity, *checks list* nope, we've done that lesson already.
To be honest, "goops" isn't the best brand name. "Hey ladies how would you like to try our goop!"
An artist's work is never done.
*insert rocket or other motivational music here*
yup organized chaos, that's her specialty.
So wait, they have THAT kind of branding!?!?
Just a note Rarity, I hate the sexualized models who try and sell me something.
Well something just got made canon...
you get a cameo, he gets a cameo, everyone gets a cameo!
Smash the system!
So i guess she does like mingling amongst the plebeians.

Ok, that was pretty fun, although it generally was another Rarity out of her comfort zone story, it was still rather nice. I did enjoy it over the last one where there wasn't so much a villain but a problem. Other than that it was pretty good all around. Oh what's this still 5 more pages?

A story about, that one pony who appeared for 10 seconds...
Very well then...

We've all been there, admit it.
Oh i get it, he wants to share his "seeds" with someone else. ahahahahahahaha.
Welp, Spikes an asshole.

Oh frig more reading, screw that...