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Hey there. This is an inactive account because the uploading feature and I don't seem to work well together. My comics will be found on my deviantART account:

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Meh, it's not always necessary to bring in your rival. This way was more entertaining and interesting. I love the attitudes of your sister's Togetic and Eevee. As for the shiny......I've only caught like three my entire life, one of them being a Magikarp. So no worries.

She has a Nuzlocke? I may have to look at it. Drawing her humans as animals is no problem for me--if it were, I'd be an awful hypocrite. Good luck in the desert.
@Nekomata-chan: About the rivals showing up--you are so right. That or they stalk you and jump out when your team is vulnerable.
"What could go wrong?"
Don't scare me like that. :U

I was totally sure someone was going to can it...argh. Do people normally pin her as the punk grunge girl? I'm making her rather nice, despite the trouble she's given me.
No joke, that was one my favorite E4 comic moments ever. And trololol at Bidoooooof.
"You, my good British gentleman, seem absolutely INVINCIBLE."

I just reread the entire comic.

I really wish no one else would die.
Did that dickass use nothing but Drill Peck? This is the second Persian I've seen gone down in the past two weeks.
Holy flying feathersauce, a shiny.
Pastejia is just like " did I become Tortilla's friend?"
And now we have some closure
Siega did it pretty well. My character is a total basket case about a certain death for a while. :p
Proverb time. But in that panel, the third to last one, it looks like Seiga is saying it and not Fuji. This is a mistake, right?
But you caught a Gastly?
And now you have Cubone? Is he going to be dropped off with someone else or what?

That was pulled off well. Lots of people like dramatizing the Marowak, I imagine, and it was dramatic to see Alice coming back to defend Seiga. Made me tear up, honestly. Especially because it was the one panel in color, and you could see the blue flame instead of red. Sorry to bring up a legendary Nuzlocker, but that panel made the entire scene just as good as Petty's to me.

Great job as always. Heck, you're even inspiring me to start cataloguing my own Nuzlocke trilogy. Unlike you, I have horrible motivation with comics.
And there goes the "we're a team, bro" speech
It had to be done.

It was sweet regardless. I think everyone feels this one way or another eventually. How they portray it is another thing altogether. And I just love the way you draw Pokemon. I've even started to like Golbat's look. Nidoking is probably my favorite design so far. And Vileplume interests me, because his flowers are down like a real Rafflesia plant.

Ah, so the guy killed Alice against his will. And THEN the jerkasses took his Magneton. Funny how villains always have it in for the protagonist.......

PS: No room for Meowth in the last panel, lol.

Do you plan on revising your team later on? Three Poison-types could be crippling.
Haha, all serious and then "wat"

That Kadabra sure enjoys being mysterious. I wonder what this OC addition entails.
That was a pretty legit battle.

Your art has improved. There's a real depth and realism to it now. And the pacing and action was just so cool. Even though we all know what Giovanni's planning, you wrote it in a way that makes us wonder where else the story is going. Your Primeape is right, that Kangaskhan was a jerk. I think Primeape and Gin are my favorites.
Mysterious Kadabra, check.

And wow, those grunts were jerkasses killing that dude's Magneton. They need to get their butts kicked.
I don't blame you for being slow
My motivation to draw comics is probably far worse than yours.

I saw this while prowling around DA but never really got into it. Now I have. For the most part it's because you're very good at making realistic people and Pokemon with the use of simple lines and shading. It's really quite impressive. Kudos to respecting size differences as well--that's not an easy thing to create.

I don't have a favorite, but I do get the feeling I'll be fond of the Fearow because I love birds. And I teared up when Alice died. Such a quick loss too. :\ Well, good luck with your future comic endeavors. Life/procrastination sure has a way of keeping you from updating.
I'm slow.
Quick question. Does anyone know what Nobody means when he says most folks forget? All I can think of is either Lumineon can learn Rain Dance or that Thunder always hits in a rainstorm.
@xgamez3000: He might spam Payback with Boomerang.

@Muddykip64: Not to mention they still have a threat out of Togekiss. She's obviously at Full Restore health, and Blizzard and Rock Slide are the only other SE attacks. Of course, she has coverage with Shock Wave and Rain Dance-boosted Water Pulse...........Kululu, you troll.
Oh my goodness
Kululu is one hell of a jerk.

But still, I was surprised to see him go. I completely forgot about Aura Sphere before now--Togekiss has that, right?

Nobody's cape whip was certainly badass though, one of the most badass things I've seen in a Nuzlocke. Rain Dance + Thunder was a great tag team move...if only Angelica weren't so bulky. Here's hoping no one else goes, but based on your previous warning about the champion battle, that's too much to ask for. No worries about having to write this page for so long, it was worth it.

RIP Kululu, master troll and absolute dick.