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    Plazem or Plazy, i think one is real
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I was actually waiting for someone else to post something first, to get a base, I didn't imply that YOU had to Mel. I do appreciate it though.
Guys, someone needs to post something or else this is going to kill the comic.
@Ryjora: The first one is my mistake, my bad, sorry :I Second, It said to have ryan use healing magic to heal spark, not to use killing magic to kill her.
At long last, the Final comic of chapter 2 is done, sorry for the ridiculously long wait, I was drawing this out in my program, but it was too big, and was taking too long with the time-frame that I now have, so I threw that to the side and sprited it so I could FINALLY get this done for you. ANYHOO, what happened to Hanna? Only one way to find out, in the NEXT CHAPTER!
I'm back now, so stop taking your time and make a comic!
@DaBrokor: Take all the time you need, On Thursday I'm gonna be gone for 4 days, and I actually want to make my comic and not miss out because of it
@HNR Silverblood: Yea, your gonna have to put the color under the outline on the layers, don't put them on the same layer, that will get rid of it for sure, and if you still need to use the fill bucket, draw a thing line under the outline, then use the fill bucket and the outline should cover the white specks on that layer.
I'mma go after who ever is last in line
@DaBrokor: Or use flash :I also, I don't think this needed a comic, a news post would probably been better
That's right, I'm officially back as part of VMA.
@Firecat1311: OH, sorry, I was under the intention the server wasn't up yet, my mistake.
So are these the only people who can go on? or is this just who's asked to be let in so far?
@DaBrokor: put it in preview and turn it to the right. Thats what I do when I scan stuff.
@Green Kirby the Leaft: that's not part of the main story, more of a side arc, so this technically is his first appearance.
The wait is over, the 14th comic of Chained Heat is finally here!
I really like this, it's very nice
@DaBrokor: Welp, I'm next in line then, sorry PCP :I
@dragonriderjh: Actually, Bk and Gk were both authors, but now their account is merged, you weren't an author on the comic, so this would lead to problems.
Hey, uh, is bk making a comic?