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I'm Chloe! I love comics and art and animation. I'm not really good at any of those things myself, but it'd be cool if I were someday. I'm working on it!
i think you did really well in showing this sort of selfish and insecure side of blake - like what he's doing is harmful and his reasoning for his actions come from an irrational and emotional place, but his mistakes and the feelings behind them seem really understandable to me.

your soundtracking is also great, as always - you're so good at fitting songs to scenes and i really dig your taste in music!

excited for the next chapter :)
oh god i wish i didn't relate to ruthie so much with regards to parties.

nice song you linked a few pages back, by the way, i really liked it and thought it fit the scene so well!
oh god this is so cute. A VERY GOOD PAGE
the fish
oh noooo why are silly fish so hilarious to me? gosh

(this comic is beaut and really good so far btw)