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I like to read manga/manhwa and real books.
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T^T I wish you the best.
October 27th, 2012
Have least your not stuck on your house the WHOLE summer...all I can do is get on the internet.
OOhhhh,a challenge...

o.O not a stalker eh? interesting...

And a stalker in this manga now? Man...that is super scary.
You always throw out something unexpected from what "I" expect! I love you!
yay! he got his memories back!!!!
It does, no one wants horror in their life...
Wish manga life was real...
@Sakukko: Well...I must be behind on everything then! AHHHHHH!!! Well, at least I'
wait...did you restart this?
I just love Cosette. She is way too cute!
ill take note in both of that. i love the father now! lol, his attitude at least.
I already loved those two. This was just unexpected...oh wells.
Chinese/Hong Kong-ese? Okay...

Manga can do anything to your characters. Wonder if he still has a fan group. XD
WhAt!? I guess you learn new things every single day. Your a Canadian??? And you purposely made him young!?!? He should only be in his like...40s right!?
I found Cherry Coke at Burger King. Well, where I live, not sure about anywhere else though.

Is the father supposed to not look old???