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Damnit, this is too funny.
But I'm just still stuck on my ship.
Ichiro x Kuro 5ever
(I just called him Kuro, cause he's blackhaired and we don't know his name yet)
And now I thought about 50% Off
(Parody of Free!!!, watch it, it's shipping glory)
To be precise exactly this quote:
"I ship them. THEM! They hate each other, but they also f**k each other."
*grins very wide*
I found the seme
*chuckles out of the throat*
hnhnhn x3

Sorry Rin, but I don't ship you and Ichiro anymore.
My wished for dream shippartner has appeared.
This comic reminds me so much of some Animes it nearly hurts xD
Right now I'm thinking of Owari no seraph.
Switch Takao's and Hisoka's haircolour around and you get Mika and Yuuichirou.
Black haired dude is Guren then xD

Takao being protective (Mika would be proud xD)
Hisoka the tough cookie, that actually doesn't need to be protected (Yuuichirou would be proud. Yuu is more of an idiot tho xD)
And the other one is a piece of shit, but still kinda nice (guren would be p- will kill me if I finish this sentence ^^')
*pushes Rin towards Ichiro*
There problem solved.

And congrats :D
aw man
We got a serious case of Bros before Hoes right here.
Aaaaand you failed xD
Oh Ichiro
A seke (at least I think so) has joined the playing field.
This could become interesting.

And at least he's honest and isn't gonna go behind Takao's back.
The gauntlet has been thrown down.
Your move.
Stop lying you little tsundere bastard xD
(I'm joking, pls don't murder me.)
Nami, you are the bae.
She is the MVP ... MVC? (Most Valued Character? xD)

And I still wanna marry her xD
Pls give me your daughter, SilverHyena.
*bows down on the floor with his head down*
-Wasted- *stupid memes*
Damn soooooon.
Did he just shot down a rival AND insult his boo in the same sentence?
*insert this one bad meme here, which I always block out agai, cause it's so bad*
You Broke Me
*wants to be mad at Rin*
ARGH, I can't be mad at someone who is so cute and reminds me so much of Honey.
*has conflicting feelings now*
*breath in*
I- I don't like you... as much now... Rin...
*feels bad*
Uhhhh Rin is a yandere :3
And Hisoka... I didn't expect anything else xD
*gives Takao chocolate*
It's probably gonna be a bumpy ride from here on out...
Ouran High School Host Club called
they want their Honey back.
Oh and Mori is mad D:

I gotta watch that anime again xD
Can I just marry her? xD
Best friend to the rescue *insert superhero intro here*
And what did Ichiro actually NOT tell them.
I think asking it this way will make the answer shorter -.-
Ichiro, I like you.
But no.

(And he's an uke in my mind, I wouldn't be able to handle it o.o)
Yes, Ichirou *rolls eyes*
I hope the guilt is eating you alive.
... he x3
*insert seme joke here*

Is anyone still believing me, when I say I'm sorry for writing this?
*starts singing "Dirty Mind"*
*still waiting on the romantic seme for Ichiro*
Haha xD
Awww, that's cute.
*notices the grope*
Not as cute anymore.
Hehe. Falcon Punch xD
Shot down.
That's all.
I don't have any other thought.
Except that the blond dude reminds me of someone, I just can't quite put my finger on it .-.
Well then, bye-
Friendship Goals?
This got awkward really fast xD
Let's embarrass our best friend, I'm sure he appreciates it xD