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David is an aging male with the desire for expression in all forms of life. even with this being said, you can still find him seeking quiet time to himself with the volume up all the way on his Music Player somewhere up against a tree in the forests of Wisconsin (when it's warm that is). David also sings, fancy that?
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you don't need backgrounds.

but if you're just lazy, blobs of grey(or color) can work too!

a blob for the ground, pointy blobs for trees and crap, and wispy blobs for clouds of stuff!

blobs are fun!
hello hello, just someone from serebii checking everything out.

it's so organized and you took time to draw everything, it really puts me to shame in the patience category :)
I mustve been stoned out of my head to think this pixel drawing in MS paint was any good XD

can't change the past. however many years, moving on. i appologise for the crappy drawing --->>> as well. gone back to sprites because it feels vintage to me.
this isn't fan art, but i said what the heck and put it in here anyways. The Map of Lehm:
i really suck at updating this comic. :3 stinks because it's my first comic i started with. i'll have to start mixing material with it between Sprite, Pixel Drawn, and Hand Drawn.

but yeah, the amount of time between updates is just ridiculous.
ha! nice cute little flamethrower.

if you're having trouble with fire, i would suggest just google it. you could probably find a good pic or video of a real flamethrower's stream.
Yeah, it's about time i update Again! but other matters are slowing that down.

Doesn't help that i'm assisting in another comic, but i don't think it'll effect the staggering speed of my updates.

I'll try to update faster!
okay, whoever thought of the guy with the primape head...

that's funnier than all hell, to me at least.
another one of the beloved characters. "Spacegoose" is obviously modeled after spaceghost.
this version of "Randal" was never ntroduced and was completely invisioned by it's artist. it also dragged up origin information that i filled in slightly in the TCS character Info page.
the person named pocket hunter is probably more insane than i am when it comes to her art. i usually try to keep it civil, but i feel her influence over me is just a little too influential if you know what i mean by that. and the answer to this one is a stern "Maybe!". i'm not sure if this is really fan art for the Comic, or for myself (a character i was known through by association with the comic).
"Pojo" from the Gauntlet game has a large following. i too like pojo the chicken.
you can almost throw a chao sprite into any scenario (pisses me off! >.<)
a crude representation of the actual thing! ^^
i always liked the comments lilbluecorsola made, aswell as the fan art she does.
this was done because they thought i killed of ganondorf. this helped to spawn the means for their escape in the ""plot"".
this is in response to a poorly hidden pair of underwear in one of the older episodes with "Blissmaid" as "the Producer's" secretary.
i guess someone thought thomas was just plain violent and sadistic, not to mention a murderer... no, not thomas! ...not at all
this one was just plain disturbing, and i'm not the only one who felt this way about it!