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@squirmy mutt: Ahhh thank you, thank you! I thought that since Channing seems to be the observing type and sprout out things that come to his mind he would say that. Good to see we're on the same page here!
And haha, yeah it's a bit ironic, I didn't even notice.
I would love a PM or a reply from all of our authors here who are still interested in continuing this collab.
Flrgh my heart just went kaboom. Look at him. Just..look at him!
@Fawn: Yes. The sooner they're posted, the better<3.

It's okay not to if you want to like introduce them later in the story though (i think)
Welcome and thanks for posting >w<
Don't worry about the long bio. I guess the longer the better? Since it gives us more info on the character

He seems like a fun guy.
Angry Amanda->sad Amanda-> angry Amanda.
mood switches.
And omg that Liz.
Perfect o v o.
Just perfect.

Had this idea long ago due to Liz's posh face.
Super Saiyan Amanada.

That is all Kthx.
That Liz in the last panel
You can also take a picture of your own hands if you're pro enough
//tries to take a picture with her chin.
Omfg I'm so glad I had to check up on something so that I saw this page.

This should be a real page xD. Maybe an end of a chapter or something.
After it effed up the first two times I FINALLY have it up.
Finally I can relax. //sobs and goes to wash the blood off of her hands.

It's lamer than what I intended...
Anyway. If you can't understand what happened, then basically, Zephyr got run over by students and the other teachers are shocked in panels 4 and 5.

//Also. The bell noise should be read after "Oh?" and "Zephyr?"

EDIT: Thank you all for those beautiful comments <3.
Told you there's no rush. It's so simple yet elegant.
Guess I'm making the next page.
Love you forever.
MY kokoro went doki doki
Am I missing anything?
Name: Elizabeth
Nickname: Liz or Lizzie.[Miss Kiss Kiss Bang to Ari and Brownie]
Age: 23.
Occupation: Art teacher.
Sexuality: Bisexual.

Liz is a single child that somewhat envies everyone with siblings/close family. Sometimes Liz has to try really hard to fit in so she tends to leave the room at times to wander off somewhere. She likes sweets, mostly lollipops and cupcakes.
This is..
Rather cute. ♥ Especially with your style.
Is it just me, or is this panel broken? I can't see a page.
Sine I love you, this is amazing. Hm, I can't even begin to wonder what everyone got..
Oh my god so cute, I feel like cuddling with him x]
Lol Shu, I have a feeling he's going to be popular with the ladies