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Thanks, haha, but this here isn't the worst page. It's just that this isn't the kind of effect I wanna have when inking.
About the numbering, yes this is actually the start of Volume 2! I still didn't make an official cover so there's no real transition between vol.1 and 2. I forgot to mention it.
Sorry, kinda ugly but the inking just gets better.
@Blue Canary: Thanks, I'm really glad you think so ><
Sorry for being so late!!
Woah I'm sorry I totally forgot to update last week!!
I'm back \o/
Hey, next page will be put online maybe tomorrow or later today. This one is tricky to edit so it's taking me some time...
@rolling orange: You never know what's on a lady's mind~
AWWWWWW SORRY I'm super late-----------
Sorry for being a little late! I had business with school x_x
Hello, I'm uploading page 156 tomorrow. See ya!
@rolling orange: Thanks, I had a hard time making it :'D
Oops, tiny J...
@rolling orange: heheh I just love that kinda random things
Here it is, quicker than anticipated.
@WindowMaker: Better make sure first heheh
Hey guys, as agreed I'm back here.
From here on it's gonna be a page a week.
Thank you to everyone following me!
Here I am
@rolling orange: Oh, thanks so much! :)
@rolling orange: Oh, thanks, I've replaced the image!