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snowboarding or street boarding? I can't be certain. Snowboards are generally longer, But you don't usually see street boarders with goggles. Hmmm...conundrum.
don't like coffee.... But I KNOW that feeling. The "the world doesn't exist until I've had at LEAST 3 Belts of some drink with caffeine" feeling. Yeah....good times. I love the saying, " I like my coffee like I like my Death Stars: Gigantic, on the Dark Side, and powerful enough to destroy worlds."
Sticking it to the Man? Break the status quo! Hack the planet!!!.... oops. Sorry. Got outta hand there. Stick it to the council of wizards!!! LOL!
Sorry Junior. Mommy and Daddy are a bit ticked off at being detained for a while
I'm guessing the conversation will start out with how he sold his soul to Valsenrath and proceed naturally from there...
@Joff. Cheating Death? That was a nice set-up!!! LOL!
I'd say he's doing pretty well, considering....
the future steve arc starts at 399-385 (officially #385, shortly therafter he gets shot into space, meets Time Barons, his future self, Chaos...etc, etc, etc.) Sir mauls-a-lot is first made in #908 - #884 (#884 offical)
he missed...or he did absolutely no damage if he connected. If it took all the inginuity that Steve could muster to even TRAP Sir Mauls-A-Lot, this shadow has no chance in Hades.
It just brings back the horror of Teddy Ruxpin. "Hi! I'm Teddy Ruxpin. Do you want to play with me?" ...... <shudders>
Oh wow...Another lemming!! albeit one-eyed and a pointy head. What happened to the old lemming???
The evil and powerful always like to stand and watch when they think they've all but eliminated their enemies and their enemies are about to die. It IS stupid, but they seem to have some kind of inane compulsion to watch the demise of their opponents.
Has Bobby been hiding sabretooth rabbits again?

<to the tune of flight of the Valkyries Stabby starts singing>..."kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit"....
Awwww.... I like the cricket bat and shotgun approach....buuuuut stabby is good too.
If anyone reached out of a flaming inferno, unscathed, and grabbed me by the throat and wanted information.....I'd probably give it to him...quickly...and then run and hide.
I still say he counts as a zombie with as many times as he has come back from the dead.
doesn't he count as undead? I mean as many times as he has come back.......
original recipe or extra crispy?
I never liked the Colonel with his weeee beedy eyes!!!

Yahhhhh....after living in a country where 2 inch long cockroaches were the norm...I feel the same way about cockroaches. I even burned a few to death myself....Purely in defense of course....
Actually....doesn't Steve just do these things, does not admit to them and then burns the evidence?
She's definitely NOT a morning person. There's nothing like killing your homicidal, sociopathic, megalomaniac alter ego in a dream to make your morning. I don't know about you, but it would make MY day.