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I plan on starting a wolf comic using my favourite characters from my current series on Flipnote Hatena. Though I do have the proper programs for doing this (as well as a laptop, got 'em christmas 2011), I do not have the time or motivation for making comics as often as I would like, so for now I'm stuck with Hatena and sketches.
If I can find the time, I may make profiles of my characters, or just random test drawings. I'm still getting used to my Bamboo tablet and sumo editing system.
I love wolves a lot and it's really the only thing I can draw (besides pokemon, anyone can draw pokemon). I'm obsessed with video games, and I'll read from time to time (I have to for English, anyway).
I won't be on often, I do have a small life, and I have to study and do homework for french emersion Canadian middle school (Oui oui, c'est... OK).
I'll also be found on these sites:
Search: puppysamar I'll be the one called ClarkeWolf. You can get a taste of my pixel drawing and my animation here, as well as get to know my characters.

Okay, more like "this site" XD

Great, hope to see you around!


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This is really nice, you are such an artist! Can't wait to see what happens next, the plot is so gripping!
That's good! ^w^ I love this comic!
July 5th, 2012
You're back!
<:D Relief!
Nice page, I love the lighting effects.
Oh my gods, no... D:
Three hundred years of experience.
How can someone play the same game for three hundred years?
I would honestly drive myself insane. Then again, it's all he's ever known...
It does, though. Why call it the Nether, No Man's Land? It's obviously owned by those God-forsaken Ghasts XD
Poor Artemis.
June 17th, 2012
You earned every fan! :D
Love your art! The plot is very interesting, can't wait until all of the pages are coloured. Because I love colour :D
Gosh dang it, how does everyone get so darn good at drawing wolves? Do I just suck?
XD Probably.
Love the plot, and obviously the art, so far. Can't wait for more! :D
Just found your comic, was automatically drawn in by the art, and I'm hooked by the story's plot.
Your art is stunning, every muscle, every fur... like, wow!
Can't wait to see more!
It's not Hell.
It's the Nether.
there's a dierence :T
XD dYou use obsidian, while I use the 10-12 buckets o lava, 1-2 buckets o water and a frame. Woo, boredom!
The webbed wings on the bathroom door. Creative thinking!
Seriously, take your time. We'd rather have it slow than not at all!
Welcome back!
I do hope you get better.
Losing sketches? I would die. My sketches are the only thing I seem to keep in order XD
I've never had problems with anything on Smackjeeves, with any site, especially navigation... eh, what does the public know?
But I'm fond of the colour blue :D
The sad thing is that I'd be EXACTLY like that, face and all, if I got an IPod
Nice job, Ferris, nice job.
April 14th, 2012
No, the wait was worth it!
Besides, Doctor Who is the best excuse. I'd rather watch re-runs of the tenth and eleventh Doctors than anything :D