I'm just a non-binary artist that enjoys reading, writing, and drawing comics about mutants and kids with wings. I hope you'll enjoy them and I know I'll enjoy reading your stories as well!

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@AutumnWolf20: Marris! :3 Although "Giant Adorable Furball" is a perfectly acceptable fill in!
Kill him. Jordan wanted to kill him. We all remember that, right?

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@Novanto: Alright! It should be fixed now! Thanks!
@Novanto: Only real reason is that I personally don't speak Spanish. If anyone's willing to share correct grammar, I'll fix it right away!
@AutumnWolf20: The only known mutant gene Devon is known to have at this point is his red hair, which wouldn't be enough to cause a premature reaction with this medication.
Drawing the last panel Marris nearly killed me. Poor pup is super stressed right now! He's having a rough day too.

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Welp, someone's irritated. The man just asked if you were feeling alright, no need to bite his head off, sheesh. Haha~
And look who it is! So good to see him again, kinda.

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@AutumnWolf20: Ah, well, keep in mind Marris doesn't know yet Devon is a mutant. But also clearly he knows something they don't know, but isn't talking...

Also, sorry! To be honest, I can't even look at gore much less draw it, so the not drawing it is more for me than some of you. I am made queasy quite easily! >///<;

Well, now you know what the boys found. I'm not gonna show that though, geez...
But the mystery now exists: "Who?!"
And the only clue is a shoe.

Anyway, thanks for reading, see you Friday! ヾ( ^ω^)
This was a fun page to make. So fun! It was also kinda nice to finally draw Marris relative to some things besides people. People aren't short! He's just stupidly tall!

Travis has a stomach of iron- ...Or not. Our boys are working on making quite a mess in their own stall, aren't they?
I'd like to say the next page won't be graphic either, so fear not. I will try not to make you share Travis's reaction.

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I know it's still early, but today, July 24th is Devon Rider's Birthday! Yay! :D

Remember Abby and Marris hearing the screaming at the end of Chapter 1? ...That was actually from this moment. ;3
This and the next page have been some of the more fun pages to do in quite a while! It's about time something slapped the mood around a bit.

And don't worry. The next page isn't graphic.
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Some of you noticed the thing in the other stall... Anyone forget about it? ;3
I didn't! It's a fav of mine~

The boys may have forgotten to check the other stall before having this conversation... OOPS. Fun fact, I debated having him dive out the window! But sadly it wouldn't work out well, as funny as it would have been!

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As much as growing wings is MY dream come true, Devon can't really see any bright side to it...

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I'm going on a trip this weekend with some family. No worries though. Both of next-week's updates are already done. Well, enjoy!

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@Darkhalo4321: I know, right? I'd be all like "This hurts like heeeell but this is the best day of my lifeeee!" haha
@Ladyofthenight: I'm so glad you've been enjoying it! I hope you like what's to come. ;3c
@Ladyofthenight: Asexual means a lack of sexual attraction.