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I'm just a non-binary artist that enjoys reading, writing, and drawing comics about mutants and kids with wings. I hope you'll enjoy them and I know I'll enjoy reading your stories as well!
Here it is! Sorry it took so long. I had to get a 600 page book proofread and arranged and sent in the last few weeks, and that took a lot of time, but that's done now, so should be better!

But yep. Poor Devon has to take so many pills. So many...

Thanks for reading!
Thanks for your patience, everyone! Look, his wings are bigger now!
They're not done growing yet, they still have a long ways to go, but they are still significanly bigger now, huh?

Anyway, Devon really has a one-track mind. He is full of determination! He will get that pizza!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

***EDIT: Due to my lack of buffer and the way my work schedule happened to lay out this week, the update will be coming out Tuesday evening/night instead of around midnight in the morning. Thanks for understanding!
AND WE'RE BACK! Good morning, Sunshine~ Off to a great start today!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
Also, happy 4-13 for any remaining fellows! ;3
It's been so long since I've drawn the third Alpha at the school... Since the old version, I think. ...He doesn't have a name though...

Sorry about this sudden intermission! I had a very busy week, and this was really the last good place to place this intermission in before the day of the comic changed anyway. So enjoy! The comic will be back on Thursday/Friday!
Did you miss Marris? I missed him~ Sadly, the other Alphas don't really understand him...

Thanks for reading!
You don't say? Remarkable! Just let it all out. Any other stunning revelations you'd care to share with us?
I've been trying for nearly a week with this tab open to think of a witty comment. I have failed to think of one, so I will just say I love this comic SOOOO much and each new page grants me so much joy!
...Unless they're a sad page, then I'm happy for update and sad at the same time.
I spent the start of the day at the Magic Kingdom and had a good time! Then I had to go to work and had a late shift, so it was a long day, but a good one. And I got all of your fanart and wishes and cherish them all. Thanks for being patient, the new page will be up on Tuesday like normal.

Thanks for being awesome, everyone!
Ah! One of my favorite characters of this comic makes their first appearance for a brief moment, yay! Still have a long way until that proper introduction, but... enjoy this for now!

Hey guys~! So you know there won't be an update this Thursday night/Friday since April 5th is my birthday (yay)~! And my mom and grandma will be coming to visit and I'd like to spend time with them. *Quietly* (Again, if anyone wanted to make my day, fanart of any kind would make me melt...~) We should go back to normal right after that!

Thanks for reading, everyone! Love you all!
Happy Easter, everyone! Or Passover! Or APRIL FOOLS! Which ever! So many, take your pick! The Rider family and I just so happen to both celebrate Easter.

The April Fools part is that I actually made this despite thinking I wouldn't up until yesterday. April Fools! I bet you thought you wouldn't get anything, but you did! Ha!

Thanks for all being such great fans, I'll see you Tuesday!

Thanks for reading!
@DragonMoonWolf: Haha, thanks! It's April 5th!
You didn't actually think Abby was going to let sick and nauseous Devon eat pizza for dinner, did you? Poor kid can not catch a BREAK! He's starving and what does he get? Soup. ...I mean, I love soup, but when your heart was set on pizza, it's a bit of a downer.

COLOR!!! ...I hoped you enjoyed it while it lasted, it's gonna be gone for a little while again.
Small reminder my birthday is coming up next week... And I do enjoy fanart, if anyone wanted to do something nice for it... :3c
Thanks for reading everyone, I love ya!
Mom #1 has arrived! And look who it is...

WELP that scene is over! Time for pizza. It's about time I cut this kids a break. Thanks for reading everyone!
@Novanto: Just gotta check the alt text~
Two bits~!!!

AH! Someone turned the color back on!!! Too bright! Turn it off, turn it off!
Thanks for reading everyone~!
You be sure to rest up!
Now go kiss someone Irish~!
(Like me~)

I know St. Patrick's day isn't until Saturday, but we're close enough. Also since I'm back to doing full colored pages, they're taking longer to do again and my buffer is running very short, so I'm gonna use this holiday as an excuse to buy me an update day. Sorry about this! But enjoy these high school babes for now, and see you on Tuesday!