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I'm just a non-binary artist that enjoys reading, writing, and drawing comics about mutants and kids with wings. I hope you'll enjoy them and I know I'll enjoy reading your stories as well!
Flashback time! It's the first flashback of the comic, how'd it take so long?

ANYWAY! I want to make a cute Crimson Wings picture for Halloween. I will be drawing a character when they were a little kid, trick-or-treating with their parents. But I want you guys to pick who! Everyone feel free to comment with the name of you you want to see when they were small. I will close the "voting" when I update a week from now.

Thanks for reading!
Ah, yes, finally responding to the "Devon, you'll be able to fly, why aren't you excited?!" questions. YEP. He's living MY dream, yet he's afraid of heights, the ungrateful jerk!

Anyway, thanks for reading!
Wait, they're getting bigger? Gah, what a pain in the neck, right?

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100th Page!
Guys, I looked through the archive at the page counts of actual comic pages... This is the 100th page! Yay! We made it! Thank you for reading!

Devon referring all the way back to <a href=" uot;this. It's been a while for us, but only like a few hours at most for them. ...It's not going to happen in this moment, it still has a few more scenes, but I would like to warn you all now that if you have discomfort with the topic of parental child abuse... that's going to come up. Letting you know, and it's not going to be shown as much as talked about. I'll make a more formal warning when that scene really approaches.
Devon is just gonna be in oversized clothes all this chapter. Should be a fun time!

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Travis's Teddy. It hasn't been seen since-...! Since... Well, since this relic from a before time. Actually... although that was made in the time of the original comic, it's still 100% cannon. Feel free to check out that really old hw assignment of mine for a sneak into how Travis started living at the Rider's.

Thanks for reading, everyone!
Devon is whining about being hungry... he's never looked like such a stereotypical teenager!

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Man... this walk out is is going to be much awkwarder and heavier than the walk in, huh? And that's saying something. But I'm happy it's happening, some things need to be said, my heart can barely take it!
And now that Devon is reunited with a guitar, the comic is officially over-... Just kidding, but really. Life just got 10000% more okay for him, so there's that.

Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend!
Okay, we are back. It took a little longer to get this page done, but here it is! Enjoy~!
Also cameoed some readers' comics. ;3
Fun fact: Abby's best friend and Abby's girlfriend are like water and oil. They don't mix well. At all. They also like... never really talk to each other, so when they do, it's always SUPER awkward.

I decided you guys could have this intermission-like thing for today since I needed more time for the next page.
<strike>I totally didn't waste all today playing Hiveswap, nope. I did make this too!</strike>

Also, news I guess: ...I've got a job lined up for next year. So, um yeah! More info on that to come, but I'm super excited!
Welcome to Abby's room!
The last page I ever started to draw of the original version was these three reaching and going into Abby's house. ...She lived in a house back then, and I never finished drawing it. It feels kinda nice to officially pass that comic!

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I've got 2 part time jobs right now that I just started, and my time has been a little tight. So, I'm going to skip Friday's update to give me some time to finish the page up well for Tuesday. I'll put a sketch or something here on Friday, so you guys will have something!

But for now, thanks for reading!
The is the unmistakable face of a child who KNOWS.
And they're on their way!

Let us all welcome back the most missed character form the original comic: Abby's car!
I kid of course. Though it is fun to mention this is one of the last remaining parallels of the two versions. (at least, of the original that got pages done.)

Thanks for reading! Try to stay safe with this weather.
And now we wait.

These next few pages are taking a long time to make. I will still have them done on time, but I can't promise how things will go after that. But I will try to fine short cuts to keep things going on time.

Thanks for reading!
@Darkhalo4321: Well, class is going on...

But oh, no. I'll just be making simplistic posters for the franchises I put on her wall. I'll be drawing them, just figured since I plan on putting a few comics I read in there, might as well use some of yours as well! ;3
Abby knows absolutely NOTHING about Travis's situation or family, so it's really not her fault, but stiiiiilll-.... best not not to bring that up.

Two things!
One, if any of you guys have comics or characters of your own you'd like me to cameo in Abby's room, let me know! I gotta give her posters and stuffed animals!

And two, I'm going to be starting two part time jobs soon. I'm not saying it's offical yet, but if time gets tight, I may have to turn to patreon to financially support twice a week updates. I will let you guys know if that happens!

Like always, thanks for reading!
@starcovered-wolfpelt: Aww, thanks! That really means a lot!
Yup, Travis went there.
And now Abby's going somewhere she really shouldn't...

Thanks for reading~!
The wings are a surprised to EVERYONE. No one was expecting them. It's not like they were on the cover or anything.

Thanks for reading, everyone! I've been having a really rough week, and all your support really makes my day better. <3