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I'm just a non-binary artist that enjoys reading, writing, and drawing comics about mutants and kids with wings. I hope you'll enjoy them and I know I'll enjoy reading your stories as well!
@idk man: Really? The first thing I thought of was that film "string?" from Skip.
All other things aside, can we all just agree Hero wearing his hat and caring about his cane is adorable?
Really, I want him to wake up and see her being so cute!
@Tracey: Your icon made me laugh so hard. Thank you for making my day better.
It's the HDMI adapter for my drawing tablet is what it is...
Sorry about the silence that's been going on, guys. I was just about to make a sketch update to explain it, but then this arrived in the mail today! Hurray!

But, um, anyway, I guess I should explain. I don't even remember if I've mentioned to you guys or not that my drawing cable was starting to become faulty, which was part of the reason I wasn't getting much drawn the last month or so. It's hard to draw when your screen shuts off every twenty seconds! Well, last weekend, it finally died on me, crashing my computer so hard I had to force restart... twice to get the computer working again. So I ordered a new one!

And it arrived today! Yay!
So, tomorrow I'll be back to working on the page I was trying to work on when it went cu-put. (Sorry, I got work the rest of the day today.)
As for getting back on pace-... That may not happen with the holidays coming up considering I'm working at one of the biggest vacation destinations in the world right now...
Good news, my program ends January 3rd and I have big plans for this comic next year! Bad news, I don't know how much, if any I'll be able to draw in December...
So, before the month hits, I'll open up the floor to you guys! Any suggestions on some other way to fill the time? I know Crimson Wing's 3rd/7th anniversary will be coming up. Would you guys like a contest or something? Would any of you be interested? Feel free to comment with suggestions!

For now, I gotta get ready for work, and I'll get back to drawing comic pages tomorrow! See ya!
Your singing probably isn't going to help his headache when he wakes up, Hero... haha.
Happy Halloween!
Sorry it's the end of the day everyone. I was working on something else, but it turned out to be a little too much for how little time, I had, so I changed my mind last minute to give you this. You'll get that other thing next year. ;3
For now, have a Dr. Copper! ...Forget him already? I know it's been a while... and... will still be a while before he shows up again, but I love him so much.

Thanks again for your patience, everyone. You should have a page for next week! Enjoy the rest of the holiday!
Happy Asexual Awareness Week!

I know it's not a holiday or anything but uh... it gave me an excuse for the fact I haven't had any time all week to draw a page. (Like I mentioned before, I haven't had a day off to draw in over 2 weeks.) So here, have this cute-...! thing? *Shrug*

Me and my ace & aro cast being pals!

For those who don't know, Devon, Natalie, and myself are asexual. Marris, and Elliot are asexual and aromantic. Masrous is graysexual and aromantic. And Birch and Dominic are both demisexual!

Have fun with this knowledge, and remember, we're out here, being good pals! To all my other ace and aro readers out there, you guys rock!

...I'm pretty sure no one here knows who Masrous is. But if you do... golly, you're either my real life pal or you pay really close attention to what I say about my projects.
TEARS~! Hero figured out some hard plot math! No chance to test it though, but hey, at lease she got to hear some of his "nightmare" mutterings out loud for the first time. Maybe? Kinda sorta?
Hey guys. there won't be a page this week... or probably even next week. I didn't have any days off from work this week (my days off being tomorrow and Saturday, but I'm flying home to see my dad for the first time in 10 months, so I won't be drawing anyway) and then next week I don't have any days off until the weekend, and my shifts have just pretty much been 8-12 hour shifts all week... So there's been like no time to draw.
I'm not saying this comic is going on hiatus. I don't like saying that. I'm just saying it's going to be another week before I get the chance to really work on it. The page will come in time, though. I promise.

In the mean time... I can post other stuff if you want to be temporarily amused? For example, if you go back one, I left you a nice little meme I did last year to cheer up a friend. Maybe you'll enjoy?

Once again, sorry about this guys. See you soon, hopefully!
I made this for a friend like a year ago because she was feeling sad. I thought I'd share. Figured the small percentage of you that are also Elliot fans would appreciate this. Enjoy!
I still like to think he was concerned about her, like "oh no, are you okay?"
Poor Hero, too scared to risk it and find out.
Changing the channel was clever though, I would have been too freaked out to remember that was a thing.
@Darkhalo4321: He's been made into a mutant by the New Order as well. That's the only similarity we know so far. ;3
**Edit: Also! I almost forgot Abby's Birthday is in 2 days (Oct 14th!) ...Yay!

Hey guys! Here's the page for this week!

Although I'm doing better myself, my hours at work are really busy right now and my tablet cord is still dying, slowing drawing down, so there's only going to be one page next week as well. But we're still tugging along, even if slowly. Thanks for understanding, everyone!

And like always, thanks for reading!
It looks like the storm of Nothing is passing.
I am curious as to how this is gonna go once the danger is gone. We still don't know Negative's feelings towards Hero, but Hero is holding him right now. So if he has hostile intentions it's potentially awkward? Or if he's the good dad many of us hope, it's just plain cute. ...I'm excited to see!
@Darkhalo4321: Hm? I said I'm better. ^ ^;
And we're back!

Sorry it's taken so long. On top of being sick and everything (which I am now recovered from, btw!), my hours at work are up and my cord connecting my drawing tablet is starting to die so those two things have been making drawing pretty hard. I think there will only be one page next week too, but I'll try to get back into the old swing in time.

For now, enjoy this page! I love Dom and his dad. They're good.

Thanks for reading, everyone!
He's back and it's so beautiful!
I said I'd give you guys something today, so here. Have this old clothes ask from tumblr I did a few years back. Figured you guys might find it cute? The original post is HERE!

I'm still sorting myself out, but my cough is almost gone and I am able to draw again, slowly but surely. I'll try to get a page done for you guys next week. Not sure if it will be done for Tuesday (I don't even have a day off work before then) but at least by Friday I should have the page done. Thanks for your patience while I've been going through this, guys!

See you next week!
Hey guys! Did you know across its two websites, Crimson Wings has officially over 1000 fans?! That's amazing! You guys are amazing! I love you guys.
I actually made this art back for 300 fans but didn't post it because Dominic hadn't shown up yet... And now by the time he has, we're well past that number. Oops! Well, here it is now!

I'm still not quite right, but I'm trying to get an art groove going again. Slowly. Hopefully I can get a page done for next week. For now you'll have to be patient while I get over this cold and defog my head. I'll still give you something for Friday though. We'll just have to see what it is. Even I don't know yet...

For now, thank you all again! Hugs and kisses!
Here he cooooomes...!