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I'm just a non-binary artist that enjoys reading, writing, and drawing comics about mutants and kids with wings. I hope you'll enjoy them and I know I'll enjoy reading your stories as well!
So, Travis's interaction with his parents is limited to dinner every other month, and they've never once called him all the years he's stayed with Devon. ...Just think about that for a moment.

Yeah, I know Devon needs to chill. Everyone just needs to chill!
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Yeah, Devon's being a bit snappy.... He says he's handling it better, which he is, but he's still clearly not handling the situations here all that great himself, huh...?

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Well, looks like you missed the call, Dude. Oh well.

Getting these pages done on time is going well. I even have a small buffer because these stylized pages are a little faster to do! So for at least this scene double updates will be assured! ;3
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. . .

WELP that's the end of the Q and A! I hoped you enjoyed that cute fluff, because we're not going to be seeing any of that for a while now... Time to get back to THIS.
I've moved the Q & A questions into the extras part of this comic at the front, so feel free to revisit them whenever you feel like it! Thank you all for your patience while I moved and started the Disney College Program. I'm still getting used to this job, so I can't promise double updates will stay, but I will try for right now!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
Yep, Papa Thomas Rider took over that question for you~ I hope he answered it well enough. ...Yeah he's one of my favorite characters to draw in this comic...

Thank you all for your patience during this Q & A. It feels good to be drawing actual pages again... The normal comic shall resume on Tuesday! See you then! ;3
YEAH! That question is gonna be answered by someone else in an extra update that will come out later this week! Probably not hard to guess who. You can even ask him directly if you wanted, his response will be done regardless! ;3

I always pictured Devon's music to sound like Green Day or Twenty One Pilots... Fun Fact!

Thanks for reading, the main comic will continue soon!
She finally acknowledged it... God he's bleeding, help him, Hero!
Any unanswered questions about the New Order, mutants, or how mutations happen in this world are spoilers. You'll have to learn that as it comes!
Anyway, Tuesday will have the last Q and A, and then we will switch back to the main comic finally! YAY!
BUT good news! At the very last minute, someone actually asked the SUPER SPECIAL QUESTION~! The question I thought when starting this, if someone asked it, I'd make something extra nice for it! Meaning the next update will be a two-part-er with some nice art for it to end this Q & A off with! So look forward to that!
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HMMM..... What'cha know, Abby?
But yeah, fun fact: so far, the only publicly known mutants really are the Alphas. All the others... no body seems to know if they even exist. Huh.

Questions are now closed! We got a few more updates of this for January and then the regular comic will return!
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@Guest: Aww, bless you for remembering Luke! Memory of him WILL became useful later as he may make a cameo in Crimson Wings at some point. ;3 *wink wink*

But nah, he's Alkito, who's from a pretty in the background project that's in the works that I don't post much about often. And I don't think I've ever posted any art of him online before, though I have shared some stuff with his father.
Are Devon's wings red because his hair is red? Or is his hair red because his wings are red?
Well, which came first? The chicken or the egg?

This will be the last chance to ask questions. I just need a few more, so this update is the final call! Normal updates should resume in February.
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@AutumnWolf20: Marris is a tribute to Ari. That's probably the biggest thing, heh...
@AutumnWolf20: Ahh. I mean, I won't say the got to bad writing. They turned into a different genre of book, which happened to be a genre I don't enjoy. They just turned to teenage love-triangle drama, and I really dislike that stuff. Also my fav characters (Iggy and Gasman) became completely obsolete so I was very miffed by that.
@AutumnWolf20: I'm flattered! I feel it's a really good thing when the inspiration isn't obvious enough to be immediately recognized unless pointed out. Helps me feel I've made something its own enough!

And don't worry, I didn't finish that series either. It started going in a direction I wasn't enjoying so I stopped reading it.
I've doodled Avian and Devon interacting a few times before. Never thought I'd be able to draw it for a Crimson Wings update! It was fun! They're main-portag-siblings~
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Abby's own life and future are very foggy to her...
And my life is mostly used up writing and drawing heh...! But next update I will be in Florida!
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And that's when they met! But if you wanna know more about Abby... Devon may not be the one to ask. BUT if you are curious more about the first day these boys met, this extra from the first go at this comic is still the cannon way they first met!
Here ya go!
I'll get around redoing it at some point for this comic but for now you can still read the old one! ;3

Thanks for reading! Questions still welcome!
@Guest: Aww, thanks! I'm glad you liked it enough to stick around for the reboot~! I hope you enjoy what's to come!
The first answer for the Q & A! I hope to do two each update, just this one was a longer one. Keep sending in the questions, folks! I barely have enough for next week.

Thanks for your patience during this month, and like always thanks for reading!
Happy New Year everyone! Let's all work together to make it a good one!

I'd like to thank all of you so much for sticking around and enjoying these kids on their weird little adventure of sorts. The fact that you enjoy this comic really tickles me pink, and helps me love working on it even more.

Finally, Devon has his wings! So let's look forward to a year to come! I know the start of this year will be a little rocky, but let's enjoy it all the same.

Voting for what's to come in January is now closed. If you didn't see already, click back to see the results and how things are going to work!

Thanks again, and I hope you all have a good day! ;3