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I'm just a non-binary artist that enjoys reading, writing, and drawing comics about mutants and kids with wings. I hope you'll enjoy them and I know I'll enjoy reading your stories as well!
Avian's wingspan is actually changing constantly throughout the three books as the books cover a course of 3-4 years, and with a pre-teen boy, he's growing a lot in size over those years, so so are his wings. But even so, I couldn't resist the use of this actual moment from the first book to answer that question.

Ricaru, your obsession with your bird son's wings is showing.

Anyway, this is actually the first time in years I've colored some of these characters, and a few others just their first time ever. In fact, this is the closest I've come to a fully finished comic page from one of the scenes from these books! So thanks for the question!

Next week is the last week I'll be answering questions on these books, so feel free to ask!
@The Fried Pickle: fear not, I will post a link to buy the book as soon as it’s in stores! Should be about half way through next year. ;3
Let's switch back to Avian being my spokes person because he can explain this book much better than I ever possibly could!
NaNoWrMo is going well so far. I got about 20,000 words done so far!
@Bingereader: There are no mutants in the fantasy trilogy.
And I take it you mean Avian as the bird boy? Sure, I can talk about his wings a bit if you want... Seems an odd thing to focus on before you even have learned his name haha. His wingspan differs among the three books as he ages, so which book do you mean?
This feels like a better explanation as to why pokemon in dungeons attack you than any other explanation ever given in a PMD game!
So, this November I'm going to be taking part in NaNoWrMo. I won't be writing a 50,000 word novel though... ....I'll just be trying to write 50,000 words for my current novel, the third book of my Clipped Wings trilogy. I really need to get a move on with working on that manuscript, and this month seems to be the perfect motivational fuel I needed. But that being said, I'm going to be focusing most my energy this month on working on that project so...

Crimson Wings
is going to be going on hiatus for this month.

I may work on some of its pages when I get time during the month, but I won't be updating it, so I won't have to worry about the stress of falling behind on it. In fact, I may even manage to make a small buffer for when I reach the end of the month! Well, regardless, Crimson Wings will be back December 2nd.

But in the mean time, I want to do something special to help share the excitement of this trilogy I'm writing! The first book is undergoing the publishing process as we speak after all! So, while I write through November, I'm going to let you ask questions about this trilogy! Been a fan of Crimson Wings for a while and just always been so curious who that kid in my icon is? Or maybe you're just thinking: "What trilogy?!"

Well, now is the perfect time to ask! :D

Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I'll obviously ignore any questions that are really spoilers. But feel free to ask general questions! If any questions come about that are really technical and expansive about the creation process, I'll answer those over on Patreon!

So get those questions ready, I may even doodle answers for some of them! ;3
And so, let the writing fun begin!
Here we are. At last. Ready to FLEE Abby's bedroom until-! *Checks script* Ah. Actually I don't have a moment we go back into her bedroom in any of the written script or outline, so it'll either be a LONG while or not come back! NICE.

But anyway, I do have another announcement to make but I will make that in a separate post. For now, thanks for the for reading! ;3
Happy Halloween from Thomas Rider and Maria Hernandez! And in a few days they hope those that celebrate Dia de los Muertos have a good day too!

I actually sketched this for last Halloween but didn't have time to finish it. Managed it this year! Enjoy some youngin parents~!
Yeah... they're all pretty tired. Poor kids.

Hm... Does the author love or hate that trope? Knowing this may be able to help you guess where this is headed.

Anyway, the next page may be late as I'm flying home tomorrow to spend a week with my family. But we'll see!
Thanks for reading! ;3
Ah yes right. You learned how to shape-shift this morning! I'm sure you're skilled enough with it by now to hold a form under intense emotional stress!

Okay, sarcasm aside, I'm so happy we're finally leaving Abby's place! We are SO CLOSE!!!
Anyway, enjoy this page and thanks for reading! ;3
Time's up. Well, some boys are in trouble.

I'm kind of glad I got this done on time! I went to my first Pride on Saturday with my dnd friends! Bought my first ace and non-binary flags, I'm so happy!
Oh also today October 14th is Abby’s Birthday! At least I snuck her onto the page!
Well, thanks for reading everyone!
Devon is shown mercy... He could use it after what he's been through this weekend. ...Time to pass the scolding to the foster son!
This chapter has been so long we have enough to make a flashback montage. Well, we're getting close to the end of this one, I swear! Close-ish.
Thanks for reading :3
@Srushed: Just follow the link~
Hey for anyone who likes those Area 51 memes, I made a Crimson Wings one!

I loved the script for this page. I loved drawing this page! I just love this page, okay? Abby can be brutal. ;3
And Mr. Rider isn't really as mad as it seems. He's just tired and worried.

Like always, thanks for reading, guys!
ROCKS! This is what we call growth~
It has been since January of 2017 since I've drawn Thomas Rider in an actual comic page..... Aaaah I've missed him~

Enjoy this phone page! A page on which every panel has a character holding a phone! ;D

And thanks for reading!
Ah, sorry this wasn't posted earlier. My wrist bugged me this week, so I fell behind, but I still got it done on Tuesday, so we're still almost on schedule!
That feeling when you DONE ROYALLY F-ED UP. After almost dying at school not too long before, that was probably the worst thing Devon could forget to tell his parents.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy this moment of pure anxiety~
And once more the topic of Negative is brilliantly dodged! RGB, you need to start taking more urgent concern to how much you black out and by some miracle survive things.