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I'm just a non-binary artist that enjoys reading, writing, and drawing comics about mutants and kids with wings. I hope you'll enjoy them and I know I'll enjoy reading your stories as well!
Hey guys. Sorry it's been longer than expected... But of course I got sick upon my return home. (of course I did...) It's been making working on anything really tough. But I thought I'd let you guys know, I didn't forget about you! The next update will be out once I'm better and able to finish it.

Thanks for you patience, everyone!
Hero, don't look. I don't think you'd enjoy knowing where that came from...
HEY! It's these guys! Miss them? I know I did.

Crimson Wings's relaunch is 3 years old today! Hurray! It's original launch is now 7. Wow. I've been drawing these nerds for 7 years... That's like... a small child... *Glances at my seven-year-old nephew* Oh.... Oh my God.

Today (January 1st) is also my last day of work here. (I mean, I worked until nearly midnight New Years eve, but not quite and this is scheduled to come out at midnight, so I have escaped that shift!) So my week vacation starts after today. So this will be the last update for about a week, week and a half or so. Feel free to enjoy the Wish chapter for now, until it is taken down with the next update.
And enjoy the holiday, everyone! Congratulations! We made it to the next year! Good bye 2018. You were rough, but let's look forward to 2019! Big plans... Big plans indeed!

Thanks for sicking with me this year! Let's look forward to another year together!
And like always, thanks for reading!
Like I said above, thank you all again for showing an interest in reading this comic.
I'm sorry this first chapter ended abruptly, but it is supposed to be read with the second chapter immediately after, which is why I made the 50+ pages I did for my senor project instead of the required... 15 was it? I don't even remember, I ignored that number so hard. The future of this comic is still uncertain as I chizzle away at chapter 3, but I do hope to realize it in a book formatting. I would, however, consider putting the pdf of the first few chapters up on gumroad for like 5 bucks if anyone was interested. Just let me know, and I'll see to doing it!
If you don't follow my Instagram yet, consider checking it out, as I post a lot of progress images of this comic there!

For now, I’ll be taking the next week off while I vacation with my mom before moving back home. My program here at Disney World is over, so I am once again going into a world jobless...

Crimson Wings will start back up in mid January, which is when I will delete this Wish chapter from this site. I do have some high hopes for Crimson Wings next year! Like... I've been meaning to ask if anyone has been interested in merch? Like... stickers, buttons, anything like that? Would that be a thing people would be interested in?
Also, I do hope to finish chapter 2 next year. We've passed the half way point a while back, and as long as things go fairly smoothly, it should finish up around mid-year. And with the end of chapter 2, I will be looking forward to setting things up for a potential... book kickstarter. ;3c
We're still a ways away from that, but look forward to it!

That being said... As I mentioned, I'll be without a job in January. I'll be moving again in February and be getting a job then, but will still have rent and student loans to pay in January. So, Crimson Wings is going to start being a patreon supported comic. In order to allow me to get a page out a week, I'd need to get back at least the 30 dollars a month I pay just for the programs I use to make it. As for getting back to twice a week updates, I'll set that goal up as well. I feel a little strange asking for money for this comic, but considering it takes me around 10 hours to make a page, and I have bills to pay, we've reached that point where I have to view it as a job.

Also, my commissioning will be opening up. If you want any information on my commission prices, or are interested, email me at crowwingedangel(at)
I'll be doing an emergency sale sort of thing, so my prices are gonna be pretty low.

So if you're able to support at all, or simply spread the word, all the help I can get will be most appropriated!

And like always, thanks for reading everyone! This year has been great! See you next year! ;3
Perhaps not the friendliest fellow(s), but helpful nevertheless! I like em!

Well, that's all for the Chapter 1 Preview of Don't Forget to Make a Wish. I'll be making a closer and then it's time to kick of the new year~! I hope you all enjoyed! Yeah, I know it ends on an open-ended cliffhanger, but really the first two chapters were made together and meant to be read together... Sorry about that.

Maybe I could put the PDF of the first 2 chapters up on gumroad for like 5 bucks? Would... anyone be interested in that?

Thanks for reading everyone!

What? You want me to say more besides that link gag? Nah.
Thanks for reading.
Yay! Sky road trip with the extended family! Just what I wanted this Christmas!
Boy, I'm tired...
I'm actually scheduling this a few days ahead of time as I'm going to be very busy the next several days with work. But I hope all of your holidays went well! I hope mine will as well. As I write this, it's almost Christmas eve, hehe...

Just a few more updates of this left, guys. Thanks again for reading!
One last time:
Merry Christmas!
It's the rabbit on the moon! Good to see ya, friend! ...Hopefully.
Merry Christmas!
I'm keeping really busy with my last few weeks of work, so I didn't have time to draw anything new this year. But I never shared this here, so since you're enjoying this comic right now anyway, might as well share these magic dads and child being cute~

I hope everyone's holidays are full of warmth and cheer!
Best Wishes,
Someone's getting tired.. Don't get tired now, child. Your adventure is just about to begin!

Thanks for reading guys. We're almost there.
Happy Christmas Eve!
Ah yes, one last look at Cleveland... Escape, child. It is not where you belong...
I'll be returning there soon.
We're nearing the end of this preview guys. I hope you've enjoyed it so far!

Thanks for reading! ;3
Remember back at the beginning when I said some pages suffer from lack of backgrounds because I ran out of time working on the pages that do have them? Well, this is one of them.
The moment I printed it, I winced. I think the art is cute and fine and all, but I really wished I had time to put some background in at least one of the panels.... *sigh*

Maybe you like this page just fine as is!

Regardless, thanks for reading!
Ah yes... Considering this is a fantasy/fairytale, it'd probably make sense to start mentioning something a little odd, right?
It's almost time for *MAGIC~!*

Thanks for reading, guys.
Finally. Eliza speaks.

Thanks for reading, everyone!
Bobby's design is actually based on some guy I saw a few summers ago riding a bike while I was on a public bus. ...The guy had flowers in his bike basket. I don't know why I remembered him so well, but I felt I needed to draw him one day, so I gave him the role of Bobby in this comic. :3

Thanks for reading!
I thought I'd share that I think this was my professor's favorite page of this senior project. I'm... not fully sure why, but she thought it was really cute.

Thanks for reading!
Hey guys! Sorry this page didn't come out when expected. I very very last minute (like two days ago) realized I should add a TV and some bg sound to this page that will pay off way later in this comic... But then of course I had two 12 hour shift days back to back and I didn't get until just now to actually add that in. So... Um, enjoy? Yeah, even those who have seen this comic before, the bg movie is new! ;3
Hurray old gangster movies!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
Oh no... Oh no, sweetie... There is no way going back can be so easy. I am super worried about want's gonna be discovered in there...
My heart isn't ready.