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I'm just a non-binary artist that enjoys reading, writing, and drawing comics about mutants and kids with wings. I hope you'll enjoy them and I know I'll enjoy reading your stories as well!
Abby is making an escape...

Time to better introduce a character that's only had one line so far!

Thanks for waiting, everyone!
Hero, don't let the super pretty distract you from you potentially dying telly-dad!
HELLO! And welcome back to Crimson Wings's first UPDATE BONANZA! Day Five!

Oops. Shared too much, didn't you?
Travis is never sure if to call him Devon's Grandfather or Great Uncle, so he just compromises with Gruncle.

Well, we did it, guys! Thanks, everyone, for being patient the last few weeks. So, I hope you've enjoyed this bonanza. I'm going to try to go back to normal next week, but I'm also scheduled for over time, so it might be rough to get both pages done, but I'll try.

For now, I hope you've enjoyed this last week of updates. And like always, thanks for reading, everyone! Love ya!
@WindowMaker: Cute song! Fits this moment quite well!
@Guest: Well sure, Ireland and the UK do love their pubs. But that's not going to come up in this comic at all. These are children, after all.
HELLO! And welcome back to Crimson Wings's first UPDATE BONANZA! Day Four!

Ah yes. Bringing in all that set up for future chapters content in one page... More subplot-lines... more characters... They will all come in time. These kids sure are gonna be busy, huh?

Friday's page is a bit behind, but considering I didn't get to start it until today, we'll see! I'll try to get it done. Regardless, You've officially had twice as many updates as normal. ;3

Like always, thanks for reading, everyone!
HELLO! And welcome back to Crimson Wings's first UPDATE BONANZA! Day Three!

Devon: "Ah right... that... I just thought that was a throw away joke."
Abby: "Nope."

Thursday's page is in progress, but luckily I have tomorrow off to work on it, so things are going pretty good still. In the very least, you're getting at least this extra page, right? ;3

And like always, thanks for reading, everyone!
HELLO! And welcome back to Crimson Wings's first UPDATE BONANZA! Day two!

Finally, after all this time, this whole "wanna start a band" thing is going to be properly addressed! Yes. It is actually going to be an important part of this story, believe it or not.

Tomorrow's page is almost done and Thursday's is well underway, so we're on a good pace. So, check back tomorrow evening for the next one!

And like always, thanks for reading, everyone!
HELLO! Welcome back, everyone, and welcome to Crimson Wings's first UPDATE BONANZA!
I'm just going to assume update bonanza is an offical phrase for this as I've seen multiple different comics use it....
But that's right! Crimson Wings is going to update each day this week! Monday-Friday! We're doing this! We're making it happen!

Or at least... I'm going to try my best. Worse case scenario, you're just going to get your normal 2 pages for this week since I've got the first 2 pages done already. But, we're not going to just assume the worst! I'm going to give it my all because I want to thank all of you for being so patient the last few weeks, and I really want to get this scene over with. So I'm going to do my best to give you all 5 pages this week! Check back tomorrow evening for the next one!

And like always, thanks for reading, everyone!
This is fine... I didn't need my heart today. It doesn't matter if it was shattered to million pieces, this is fine...!
He's going to throw her... Oh please, don't let this moment of selfless fatherdom go unrewarded.
Hey! Would you look at that! It's July 24th! Devon's birthday!

I'm sorry about the lack of updates lately. Life has been beating me all over lately. My roomate is leaving in a few days, I'll be moving and starting a new job next week... It's gonna be hectic. But I've got a page in the works and I'll try my best to get at least a page out a week for the rest of July. Believe me, I wanna get to the next scene pretty badly!
For today, just enjoy the Birthday of this bird boy~
Thanks for reading!
@JoKeR: I think the poor guy really needs some good luck for once.
Oh, thank goodness! These two need some good luck back in their lives!
*Sneaks in and gives you this update when you're not looking*

Surprise! Devon is good at maths! ...I was really good at math too, at his age, but then I want into art because-... Art is fun! Heh...

Thanks for reading, guys!
Gasp! An update! And on time, no less!
Sorry about last week, guys. Like I said, it was the holiday and this job submission opened that I need to work on and I've been very... very busy. I'm trying to get back on track for this week, but the update may still be a little late for Friday. We'll see.

Anyway, here it is. One of the last moments of dialogue from the old script I enjoyed enough to keep in. ...Ah. Travis, you're so graceful.

Thanks for reading, everyone!
RGB, did you forget for a moment that just about everything in this world is trying to kill you?

Out of the frying pan and into the fire... Sadly, these two were probably safer on that train, weren't they?
I wasn't even going to do one for this year, but then I decided, since it's so hot, might as well do one just as a nice little reminder for people.
Stay safe and cool everyone!

...This is pretty much how I remember may 4th of Julys... We get our blanket set up to save our spot near the town carnival for the fireworks that will be in the evening, and then we take turns guarding it while others go off and enjoy stuff and bring us back food.
Why these 5 friends are all together even though they're not really friends with each other-... I don't know. i just thought it'd be cute! Enjoy!
Hey guys. Sorry about that unannounced skipped update. I tried, I really tried but next thing I knew it was already Thursday... I was actually scheduled the most amount of hours I've been so far this week, and next week (being a holiday week) I'm scheduled even more. Which is good for my bank, but not so good for comic page production time. So, I already know two pages won't be happening next week. I'll try to get one done, but I don't even have another day off between now and next Friday.

But I think my hours should go back to normal once the holiday is passed. ...At least for a little while? ...I hope? Thanks for understanding though!

Also, yay this scene. The dialogue from this and the next page actually is some of the rare lingering dialogue left from the original script of the scrapped version of the comic so-... Enjoy the content so cannon it existed in TWO timelines! ;3

And like always, thanks for reading!
Welcome bac- CAT!!!!

Thanks for reading, everyone! ;3