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I'm just a non-binary artist that enjoys reading, writing, and drawing comics about mutants and kids with wings. I hope you'll enjoy them and I know I'll enjoy reading your stories as well!
Ah, sorry this wasn't posted earlier. My wrist bugged me this week, so I fell behind, but I still got it done on Tuesday, so we're still almost on schedule!
That feeling when you DONE ROYALLY F-ED UP. After almost dying at school not too long before, that was probably the worst thing Devon could forget to tell his parents.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy this moment of pure anxiety~
And once more the topic of Negative is brilliantly dodged! RGB, you need to start taking more urgent concern to how much you black out and by some miracle survive things.
The more I scrolled down the page to view it, the funnier it got!
Finally, Abby's other mother gets a line in. And yes, Devon's getting the hang on shrinking those wings on command.

This page starts a scene I like to call "The Phone Call Scene" which I have be absurdly looking forward to drawing for SO long. Ever since I wrote the script for Chapter 2, this scene was my favorite for the chapter. And it's a remotely short one too, compared to some others. I won't say much else, but do know I'm gonna get into a groove with this scene so I hopefully can update on time for most of it barring anything goes wrong!

Like always, thanks for reading! ;3
Sorry about the sudden disappearance last week. My family came to visit so I spent some time with them on a quick vacation, so I wasn't able to finish this page then. I finished it a little later, but decided to wait for this week to give myself a little time to catch up on the next one.

Finally, these kids are getting as sick of this room as I am of drawing it... Soon.

Thanks for reading, everyone!
Hero be all like, "Hey, remember a WHOLE bunch of heavy emotional stuff just happened? I do! Okay, let's go!"
Let's face it, the real reason Devon needed his wings back was for the fans. ;3

I've kind of realized I haven't told all of you what that art job I've successfully gotten was. Well, I teach a drawing class at Disney World! So if you're at Animal Kingdom and feel like learning to draw a Disney character, come say hi at the Animation Experience! ;3

And like always, thanks for reading!
Originally I was going to have Devon's bare back revealed all large on the previous page... But then I remembered what it looked like and decided against it. I figured just a small moment of it here would be enough to remind you he's really numb from pain killers right now, otherwise he'd be really feeling it.

I actually got this page done on time. Nice!
Wow. It's actually been a year since he's been awake and talking to Hero. Welcome back, Telly Dad! ALmost!
"And then you can go home! And I can have my bed back! And we can all SLEEP!!!!"

These children are in serious need of sleep.

Thanks for your patience, everyone! I got my new cable, and can draw again! I'm a bit behind, so next week's page will probably be a little late too, but I've started working on it!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
Hmm... What to do with the colorful unconscious telly-man...?
So I was sick last week, so this week I'm all like "YEAH! This week I'll get a page done quickly!!!" ...Then my freaking drawing tablet cable fries. OF COURSE IT DOES!

I want to draw so bad you guys, you don't even understand...!!! But a new cord is ordered and should be here next week. ...Sigh. Did you know I wanted to finish chapter 2 this year? I guess the universe just didn't get that memo!

But anyway. Today is also Devon's Birthday! Hurray~! So here, take this birthday-bird-boy doodle I did in my sketchbook and scanned and colored with my mouse. Happy birthday kid. Maybe next year I'll do better art for him.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!
Sorry for being late with this one. Like I said before, yesterday was my first day off of work since the day I had finished the previous page, and of course I got really sick. I'm still pretty sick, but I've managed to finish this! Even though I added a lot more to this page than I originally planed... Oops.

Thanks for reading, guys! I can't promise when the next page will be done. Let's just hope my body gets better soon!
@The_Dark_Angel: He’ll just have to do Davesprite from now on.
Oh! We're back!

Fun fact, Abby's line was in there since the first version of the script, it just worked out so well with the timing of that intermission, that it made this page teeming with 4th wall jokes~!

Also this page is technically two combined. I cut up the page after this one to give more room to the bottom panels, making this page pretty talk heavy. Which I think is good as we've been gone for so long, so now you're getting a bunch!

With that said, I don't know if we're officially back to regular updates just yet. Sunday was my only day off this whole week, and I haven't even started the next page yet. We're working on opening at work, and that happens later this week. Hopefully then I can tell you what I'm doing. ;3

For now, I hope you're happy with the page, and thanks for reading!
@SteperOfTheLongEarth: Yes, I know~ But it's still too clever~
@Cshep99: Oh GOSH that's too clever!
@NightFall7: Clipped Wings is the overarching title of the trilogy. I haven't decided on the subtitle for the first book yet.
Hey guys! Still not ready to update again, but next week may be promising! I had illustrations to get done for my book that weren't really the style I was used to, so they took a while. But they're done now! And here are a few!
(...I've had sketches for that prologue illustration sitting around for almost 6 years. I love Tay so much, he's a good dad.)
I'll probably still touch them up and edit them over the course of the publishing process, but I believe they're done enough for now for me to move on and focus on other things for a while. Like this comic!

I'm planing on making a more offical post talking about this book and what's going on, but that may be next month sometime after the wheels are turning more.

In the mean time, if you like the idea of holding a fantasy novel about a traveling circus that has magic swords, ancient curses, and a flying crow-boy, please spread the word around! The best health for a new book is people being aware it's going to exist!

And like always, thanks for reading!