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I'm just a non-binary artist that enjoys reading, writing, and drawing comics about mutants and kids with wings. I hope you'll enjoy them and I know I'll enjoy reading your stories as well!
Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there! Once again, have a silly comic based on a very fitting tumblr post I found. When Thomas gets drunk, all he does is forgets he's married and hits on his own wife...

This took a little while to do, so this will be acting as Tuesday's update. Next update will be Friday! See you then!
Yeah, if you haven't caught on yet, Abby is only kinda-sort-of friends with Devon and Travis. They've never been to her house before. She's never been to either of theirs... This is like the first time they've hung out outside of school...

Thanks for reading, everyone!
Ah yes, time to wrap up this scene.

It's still Tuesday! Thanks for your patience, everyone. For the first time since I started working down here, my work scheduled me in such a way I couldn't work on this page for three days in a row, which is a page's entire turnover time. So I did it all today.
Thanks for reading!
@tksocrazy: Aw, gee, I feel honored! Go for it, I'll be rooting for ya!
@tksocrazy: Aw. Yeah, it's no problem, I usually read the comments and often respond back, and this here was important. I'm so grateful that you like these characters and my work, and I'm sorry you've been having a rough day. If it helps at all to know, I write the stories I always feel I need, that hopefully others need as well. And thus, my stuff always has happy endings to look forward to. Thanks again for enjoying this strange journey of theirs, and I hope your day gets a little better!
@tksocrazy: Thank you so much for sharing something this personal. Whenever I write, I hope that people will be able to find things they relate to in these characters. And I hope that they- that you can get something good out of following their journey. I'm sorry about what you had to go through, and I wish I could go back and give you that same hug of assurance. But if it helps any, Travis's will come eventually...
Hero, living up to her title!
Ah! I know it's late in the day, but it's still June 9th! It's been a very long day... But have this! It was Travis's Birthday today! And my grandma's. And Donald Duck's. ...How did I almost miss it? ...Well, I didn't have any sleep last night because of work, so that might be why... Take that as why this is just a sketchy sketch, but enjoy it anyhow!
AND we're back! And Devon is trying to bring us back down again... Travis drama is too much, let's just focus on the wings, okay?

Thanks for your patience, everyone. I made a post where you can read about my time at the con here! Things should smooth out for the rest of June, as far as I know for now. And like always, thanks for reading!
Hey guys! I had to get ready, fly home, and get to the convention, and now I'm at Colossalcon and having fun! But that does mean I didn't have time to make a page for you, so I put this together for you all. Most the characters of the comic know most of this since it's pretty common knowledge for them. And now that it's been more mentioned, I figured I might as well give to you!

Feel free to check it out if you were curious!
Abby really didn't sign up for this...

Anyway! I'm gonna be at Collasolcon in Sandusky in a few days! Not, as an artist or anything, I'm just going to be enjoying the con! (I figure next year is when I'll start actually doing business things at cons). But if you're there, feel free to track me down and say hi if you want!

Thanks for reading-er, or looking at this lovely page, haha.
@Chug: Who knows! We shall see!
I mean, I fell down the stairs once and woke up after being blacked out on the floor at the bottom and one of the first thoughts I had was along the lines of "get up, idiot!" So I mean, I feel it if it's himself, too!
@blu: I mean I see her there. I don't think that's her saying that either. I think she's just calling his name because that's what's started shown kinda in her usual balloon. I think that's a separate voice, either his own or the dream.
@Hamster22: Actually now that I look harder I can see Hero both reaching for him (the top) and even shaking his shoulder in cyan.
From what I can gather... since RGB ran head first into Hero's dreams, he's now suffering from those odd nightmares of his, while kind of awake... And Hero seems to have maybe woken up and is trying to snap him out of it. That's the best I can guess for now!
@That Blobfish Girl: Thanks! :3
Uh-oh. Devon knows what photo Travis is talking about... Um... Oh dear.
You know Travis's mental/emotional stability have been compromised if he brings up his parents himself...

Thanks for your patience, everyone! May has been busy... And will continue to be as I'm going to a con next week. ...Though Tuesday's update is simple and should be done on time. So, see you then everyone, thanks for reading!
Wow, this is finally gonna be my first comment here. Yay! I just wanted to say I love this comic. I've been following you for years since around when you were kinda starting Aftertale. I always knew I had to read this eventually, but I just didn't get around to it for some reason. So this year I decided to buy the first book so I could read it in my hands because it's often easier for me to get into a comic that way? But I had it sitting around for a while until I had time. Then yesterday I finally decided to read it. ...Then I went online and binge read the rest of it! (I don't even wanna know how late in the morning I stayed up until. I didn't dare look.) But what a touching place to catch up to! I really love all these characters and this world am and looking forward to where it goes from here!
Oh dear! This is going to go interestingly.

(Also my books arrived and I'm super excited and I love them and I'm happy and just YAY~!)