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I ♥ anime, manga, drawing, yaoi, shonen-ai, yuri, shojo-ai, writing, reading, music, bass, trumpet, dance dance revolution, fandoms, LJ communities, laughing at funny things, home videos, singing musicals, The Virgin Suicides, riding in my sister's car, yelling things into the night, crazy random dancing, The Realm of Possibility, running in the rain, imitating a british accent, imitating any accent, I Am the Messenger, boys in glasses, girls in glasses, random japanese FMA fanart sites, blondpile, FEAR, flags, marching band, pointless surveys, push mes, my friends, my family, sims 2, kingdom hearts, bulletin boards, making other people laugh at funny things, The Book Thief, folk music, ska bands with violin players, guys who wear girl pants, band geeks, decade shows, sundays at grandma's, the smell of new books, gays, making pins, meaning something to someone, sexuality, family guy, reading about other people's passions, badly written romance novels, Land of Talk, feminism, tekken, harry potter roleplays with friends, reflecting, listening, acting like a spaz, hanging out in Lit Mag, flirting without meaning to, stage crew, drama (theatre. not angst), being myself, and love.
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November 24th, 2011
:D :D :D
November 21st, 2011
I literally just said "Yay!" out loud.
I'll definitely be ordering a set for myself once they're available!
Hahahaha, he called Liam "child".

Silly man, LIAM'S A BIG MAN NOW.

In other news,

GO FOR IT LIAM! GET SOMMMEEEE (of yourself) bowchicabowwowchicabowwow

Also! LOVE that last panel of Ed. So many words in that one picture, and drawn fantastically. Your anatomy has gotten so amazing!
Edward better not cheat on him, or Liam will HULK SMASH!!!
ohhh myyyyyy! SHIRATORI! WHAT A STUD!
I absolutely adore your art style. Their expressions are fantastic! I love the fourth panel. <3
DRRR!! Yes!!
Nicely done!
Congratulations! I am so amazed by your skill and determination. You're so inspiring. I've been reading this for a long time now, and I absolutely adore everything about the story - it is wonderful. Good luck with your future projects - I hope you do turn out a book. I know I would be honored to buy it.
I feel spoiled by all these pages! In a good way! <33
It will be interesting to see how Richard turns from so sweet, to potential rapist, to sweetheart again. XD
Haha, they're such opposites of their older selves. I hope we get to see the change where Richard becomes more confident!
First page,,.
HEAT. A short story about basketball, allies, and uncertain boundaries.
damn! I was gonna do this in my comic! DX

hah, anyway, love your stuff!
What about North Americans? :(
Since this chapter is in the past, we should see a chapter with Ed and Liam in the future! :D
I haaaaaate hate hate hate sad mangas.

But I love this. Looking forward to the next update.

<3 <3