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Some day I'll start my own webcomic!
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    Enna Lehti
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And omfg can't wait to hear which god that shady guy is >3>//
Awwww this is so friggin' cute!
I agree wholeheartedly with Dregon's comment! Nothing to add to that! :)
Love her makeup <3

also: PWNED!
OOOH~ <3<3

I'm going to be so sad when this comic ends ;^;
I love the story so far! +fav~
I really love the hand at the second panel <3

I can already predict what happens on the next page D:
January 15th, 2010
The third panel is just GRRRRR~<333
It looks great, but I still prefer the old version ^^'
I love the shading in Aito's bangs <3
Oh, Liam in the last panel~

Luv ya, keep up the work! ^^
Oh no! A sword! What is he going to do?? O_____O
IT IS A PAGE!! And I LOVE it :D :D :D :D
Welcome back :)
Is it really him O_o??!?!? *Confused* omg, when did he grow up that much :O ? But it really doesn't matter ^^ ... I love this comic sooo much!!! Thank you for drawing it ^w^!
We can still wait!
I waited this long, and I can wait more! There is no point in drawing when you don't feel like it. The pages you draw has such a beatiful aura in everyone of them, and I don't want that aura to be ruined. As I said before, we can wait, take your time!! We own you this much after you've done such a wonderful job by creating this story for us to read :)
Oh my, this comic looks promising :D

Gotta fave it ^^
Oh noes O_o
But I like him too! >_o

He has done something bad, hasn't he?