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The most awesomest(is that a word?) person ever!
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Hey! I just started reading today, but I already love the comic. According to Smack Jeeves, our comics our similar! Although mines not as good or popular. But you should check it out anyways! It's called Pies Eat Tables! :D
This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Thank you, Secret Santa. :)
For some reason this guy reminds me of Jacob from Lost...I don't know why...
Sorry for the delay in comics. 2 more left in this chapter, though! :D
New comic, bro. Sorry for not updating as much, bro. Hopefully more comics soon, bro. YOLO, bro!
New comic, you bastards.
And even more characters are on their way. In this chapter, you'll see all the previous characters that actually go to school with Tristan, Deceban, Ethan, and Pablo. I also have decided to make Joe a jacket bearer (this name is given to the characters of Pies Eat Tables that wear jackets).
@bartekolo: lol That must have been what happened to the girl in Slender. I hope it doesn't happen to Tristan and Pablo xD
The new Pies Eat Tables chapter is starting!
@Super Froakie 64 DS: Haha. Thank you! I'm glad you don't think that I'm art sucks, whatever that means.
@PK5yco: That's not a very nice thing to say. First you say that I am art sucks, then that you want my comic to die? :(
@PK5yco: I am art sucks?
"I've never seen any of the Batman film and neither will I." If you know what that quote is from, then you're awesome!

This quote applies to me, along with these three characters in the comic. They wish they knew what they're talking about.
And 'Adventure to Pie Island' has finally ended! :D

The next chapter will come out in about 12 days. Until then, one shot comics will come out
Pies Eat Tables is officially back!
@TouhouShake: I loved it! Sorry for not mentioning it or anything earlier than now :P
Almost a month without internet...and I still don't have it again :/ Probably wasn't the best idea to sign up for Secret Santa when you lose internet. I apologize for not being able to make anything for it. :(
Guess who's back, back again? P.E.T. is back. Tell a friend.

...Am I quoting a song?! What is wrong with me? I've created a monster! 'Cause no one wants to see tdog no more they know I'm just going to stop....

Anyways, P.E.T. is officially back! The first comic of this chapter will come out tomorrow!
@Harrie5: I'm guessing you've never seen 'Dinner For Schmucks' :P
In the words of John Lennon, "you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not."