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Alex the Great
Before you read any of my comics id like you to know that...
I have horrible grammar

I get good grades in LA and stuff but when making comics i seem to forget, that and the ocasional typing of a wrong letter

So if you ever want to bust my chops on something that's it

Also im a big ag fan
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Russian dance to yodeling guy
Put a banana in your ear
i love the cheesehead ninja idea
ur favorite player is here
Uh, I see the graphics get better?
@rakshata: i agree
In computer graphics, a sprite (also known by other names; see Synonyms below) is a image or animation that is integrated into a larger scene.
source wikipedia
@1ce_k1d: look in the pages
looks like awsome guy djoing fusion characters
<img src=" uot;>
@aqua the hedgie: i'd like to know this piece of info 2
@parrish_broadnax: no no no that's not what i mean, a photoshop class actually exists???? tell me where!
wait what!!! photoshop CLASS!!!
whoah whoah whoah, wait a sec... photoshop class???
@coopthehedgehog: sorry can't meat up with ya you have to meet with us, i don't want any unnecessary side plots
okay now that bravewolfd is gone i need volunteers to update destruction

when i told banisher i was gonna include key i don't think he ever guessed it would be in the form of a talking sword
lord of the rings reference is go!

okay, here's a question... why did you add noses? i think they look bad ncement/
^ this is perfect, and if ur keepin the noses at least kill the nostrils