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In honesty, I think peeps don't know boundaries with other people's characters. I will give it a go.
Working with another project
Getting married soon and work.
I still have a strip I never completed...I really ought to dust it off and parade it around.
Keepin the quota keepin the quota keepin the quota
oh snap!
I'm a sucker for blind characters, and Lore's pretty damn sweet.
I think it would be really flipping cool if he could actually "feel" things, people, ect that are within a mist/fog.

Would be a very exploitable when he's using his fog makin' abilities to blind others. >:3 And would be interesting to be able to "see" only when everyone else is blind.
how would he respond to him ~(._.~)?
2 of 3
More character tampering... if you disagree with my take, you know where to find me :3

So...after I am done with this little batch, is there anyone else that wants their God to play with Utah? If yes, how do you think they would react to him? Gimme yer 2 cents, and I might make a little somethin' somethin'.
Thanks you guise. You make me blush =^3^=

Thanks for the clarification on where they live Mo. I might draw cloud land in a later post.
Hurp Derp
This is 1 of 3.

Dicking around with other people's characters is always risky business imo. If Utah interacts with someone and I don't portray the character right, don't hesitate to call shenanigans.

Also, where do the gods live? Do they reside in a magic castle or do they have secret bases? Get back to me on this, and I will supply more content :3
Thanks for the lovin guys <3 I feel so welcome!

His disposition will most likely make him harass Rein even more. Enjoy your new irritating arch nemesis :3
God of Drought

Name: Unknown
Nickname: Utah
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Position: Seme, but for the right person he's been known to bend over.
Personality: Unstable, trickster-like personality arch type. He enjoys causing strife for Gods that deal with precipitation. Due to the destructive nature of his pranks and various antics, he is typically banished to stay in the areas where he holds influence (deserts & areas of the world inflicted with drought), but he's always on the look out for gods that stray too far from where they belong and has great tendency to disregard rules when it comes to staying where he belongs despite the consequences. Loyal to a fault to those he likes, but incredibly vengeful to those who cross or betray him.

Random Notes:
1. His left eye is black sans the yellow iris.
2.Tends to get along well with child-like gods, and prefers their company.
3. Has the ability to absorb water into his body by just being near it. For example, if he lingers too long on vegetation it begins to wither.
let me join (~..)~

I am not much for RP but I would very much love to contribute a god and some content!!!!

my email is
please let me join this ~(..~)
Sorry for delays... Getting back on track after a long string of drama and complications. I will draw a small time line describing why year 2010 sucks my bawls.
I posted 2 days ago you big dork :3
Megan, you're the laziest man on Mars!
Sorry for horrendous lag. I got a job and have been working my ass off. Promise a week full of fanart as soon as I get my shit in order. Thanks to all my watchers!
Uploading a little late but I managed it! (/._.)/
Thus it Begins!
Lets see how long it takes before quality takes a dive!
A title page, eh?
So begins a new tale, that I promise to stick with.
I am shamed!
Sorry I've been gone for oh so long.