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Just reading through for the first time, but shouldn't what Ivo says on the second to last panel be "Are you kidding me?!" instead of "a you kidding me?!"?
I thought that guy looked like Eiri Yuki from gravitation with the suit and everything.
Shuno suspects something bad is going down. And Shuno is not going to go for the women when he has Kaito waiting for him at home.

EDIT: Yes, First!!
October 14th, 2012
I just want Kaito to turn around and see Shuno right up against the window staring at them with stalker vision, just for laughs... And I think it would creep kaito's father out a lot.

Also good luck in midterms. I have been having tests nonstop for the last three Weeks.
Mic just wanted to share an indirect kiss, its not a trap at all.
My numerical guess would be 42 since it is the meaning of life. Can't go wrong with 42. My question is for Kaito:
Have you found a shampoo/conditioner mixture that tames your hair well? If so, how many different brands did you end up going though?
Shuno getting Kaito a gift how sweet.

Don't worry about updating Angel, we will always wait for the update.
I feel Shuno's pain. I have a video with repeating my ABCs. My parents loved to play it as well. To every boyfriend I ever brought home with me. It is nice to know that with the childhood he had, Shuno still had those embarrassing moments that parents hide away for times like this. But you can't help but love them and want to burn the recordings.

Jessy is even cooler now that she is a real mom. I'm glad that she hasn't changed from all those years ago. Please tell me she took pictures that she has hidden away of the different outfits she dressed him in. That would just be the strawberries on the top of the Shuno humiliation cake.
March 18th, 2012
Hades is reminding of my husband more and more. It makes me love him that much more. Too adorable
I totally hope that Shuno launches into a rant in order to tell Kaito about his past. Cause it would be funny.

"My blood type is ___, I am ___ years old born on ___. My father sold me into slavery to pay his debts (that's what I got from the creepy old man). I learned how to speak and read by being bribed by cookies. Oh, by the way, I kill people for a living, not that I want to, but it is something I have been doing since I was a young child. Did I mention I was caged up like an animal and never allowed to wear clothes?"

Kaito and Oasis = O-O, minds effectively blown.

And I finally got caught up. Truly heart-wrenching scenes that made me want to cry and to punch some people in the face. This is what happens when you are paranoid and your twins are both sick with a fever. You stay up all night watching them and surfing the web. Awesome pages.
February 15th, 2012
Is it just me or does that tie resemble a noose?
February 15th, 2012
Just imagine how Hades hair would look like if he was in his true body. Talk about a tangled mess.

And I imagine that would not be the first time someone lost their lunch in that chariot.
@Twisted-Chan: I agree with him being hotter. It was just that I was watching the movie at the time.

@DaughterOfOwls: By the way your comic is even better when looking at it on thecomputer. Really out did yourself with that smoke. No wonder your hand hurts.
Ah. Just what a comic needs. Smoke people and a lot of blood. And since it is Aztec time I'm sure there will be a lot more blood in our future.

And this is kinda out there but the priest reminds me of the one from the road to El darado. Ah childhood memories.

EDIT : yes my first comment virginity!
I feel for Atty. Facing thr rock gym leader with a fire pokemon. I must admit that was always my most hated gym battles since I always started out with a fire one.
Whose believes Kuro is thinking "I should have killed all those darn rabbits?" Or at least CSP
January 16th, 2012
Seriously this has started to creep me out. Not in an eww sort of way but it makes me feel like you have been peeking into my life. Except in my case it was deliberately done. I happened to be the oblivious one to the who situation and ended up getting bitch slapped by this huge woman who had me shivering in fear and I'm 6'2!

But I like how this is to give them conflict. They both need to learn from this experience and not allow what happened in the past to get in the way of their present. As you said before Kaito needs to learn to hold on tighter and shuno needs to learn how to give people breathing room.

And even though I normally don't like boy girl pairings, if shuno didn't exist those two would have made a great couple and had a house full of duckies.
January 12th, 2012
I had to laugh at when Shuno was walking out but then realized that Kaito was in there nekkid! I love how he can act so cool once second and then something like that the next. Let's hope this leads somewhere.
January 12th, 2012
Watch out, swords are after people today.
January 11th, 2012
The last line nearly killed me because I have heard it before from my friend, Takai. Surprisingly it was stated about a once-straight guy he was trying to make his boyfriend. Sounds very familiar.