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hello, please be nice to me.
@ImluvinGod: Hello, thank you so much for your kind comment. Yes, I'm looking into printing Colourblind as a book and will announce it here when it's up and done. Thank you so much for your interest!
@Sunbear: Hey SunBear, you can take a look at an example of how I render my art here. gh This one is from Noir and the Rainbowman, though. :) If you scroll through my art blog, there are a few more instances where I post a "process".
@Ecirb Ray: Thank you so much :)
@Moblin: Thank you! :) I am honoured! Your avatar art is really beautiful btw *A*
@nellent: Woah, that's just incredibly flattering! I am extremely honoured that you would, I hope it makes your future children happy and touches their hearts too. :)
@dbzgirl311: Thank you! :)
@Miss-llama28: Thank you so much, truly.
@snowblinded: awwh! Thank you so much, I am glad you enjoyed it and the illustrations! It was a very simple tale, I am touched that you like it. It is my pleasure. :)
@HABE: thank you <3 I am glad she did not come off as menacing, haha! I think I wanted to draw a cute witch. :)
hey, this is algaebloom/nevernever! I like your comic a lot, your visuals are so stunning and lovely to look at. It seems like such a cute, lovely, whimsical little fairytale- can't wait to see what you come up with next! Your snow-men like fish are cute, haha <3
@Automagicified: wow, I don't think I've ever had someone create an account just to comment, but if you were compelled to do so after reading this, then it is of the highest honour to me!! Thank you so much for your lovely message, YOU made my day with it. I am really, really happy that you enjoyed this story...aahh, childish poetic serious is a tricky combination! XD I've never thought of the story that way until you mentioned it, mostly I was thinking that it is just childish. <3 Always a pleasure to make you giddy, haha, with good intentions, of course. Sweet dreams !
@Spacepegasus: if you would like a real life example which is similar to Yrovir, look up Beethoven. :) He composed music despite being almost completely deaf. It was said that he was so prodigious he could visualize the sound from every key, and that he could feel different vibrations from different sounds. It should be noted that he wasn't always deaf though, so that supports the theory that Yrovir might not always have been colourblind. :)

It was a good question by the way! Thanks for asking it.
@Spacepegasus: the problem with Colourblind is that I understand that it will not make much sense if you try to logically reason it out with Science. After all, it was written as a fairytale, and with elements like witches and "repainting the world" it can hardly be called realistic, haha. I understand what you are trying to say. Logically, if a person has not experienced something, it would be difficult to perceive an experience, what more replicate it. Perhaps the closest, most "logical" reason I can give would be how the mind actually stores a lot of information subconsciously. Perhaps Yrovir wasn't always colourblind? Or perhaps his "dreaming" is so lucid that he is in fact looking and seeing colour, but forgets the moment he is consciously awake ( like sleepwalking), or perhaps his mind is only able to recognize colours when he is subconscious. Another example I can give would be how people receive "visions". Sometimes people dream of things they have never experienced before, ( such as being abducted by aliens ), but the experience feels so vivid and real that it was as if it actually happened. Hence the debate/discussion about outer body experiences, and how our spirits wander as we sleep.

I cited those examples because they were parallel metaphors to Yrovir's story. At core, it is a fairytale ( emphasis on fairytale) about a boy who is hindered from doing something he loves, because of reason X. But because his love for colours and will is so strong, it overrides reason X, and he is able to defy all expecations and obstacles in the process.

oh dear, now I am the one typing an essay, haha. XD
@VikingScarecrow: that's awesome, it's so lovely to draw things that make people smile. :)
@ayanechan: wow, thanks so much! I am glad for your support <3
@Vons: thanks so much :)
@Noctambule: thank you so much, this was my favourite page, actually :)
@Kalilah: thanks so much :)
@VItamInPIll: Thank you so much! Oh god, I am always a little inconfident when it comes to selling my work ( I'm never sure if it has enough appeal for people to want to buy it ), so your comment means a lot to me !
@Spacepegasus: I guess you could say that Yrovir has always felt as if something was missing in the "real world", because in his dreams, the "real world" looks so beautiful and vibrant. So it is metaporical in that sense. Yrovir may be "physically" colourblind, but spiritually, he can see in colour. Think of it as a woman who has lost her breasts, but is still, in spirit, soul, and essence, very much a woman. I hope that it makese sense this way ;A;