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Demon: Inugami
Race: Dog
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 15-17
Height: 5'7''
Likes: Shiny things, Plasmas, Bossing People, Eating
Dislikes: People who get attention, Being taken for granted

"Spirits of dogs said to possess humans in Japanese lore. Those possessed go crazy. Onmyoji, or Japanese sorcerers, summon them to do their will."

Gaminny was simply a young pup born to a normal homeless dog "family" to an only mother. She and her family grew up on the streets and made sure to care for one another, though Gaminny herself was much more selfish than her male littermates, and would prefer to laze about and give orders much like her mother would do, but with much less reason and tact and would end up angering her brothers. She had little understanding as to what her mother's role as the head of the family but tried to imitate what she could infer from it.

Her mother, with time, became much less patient with Gaminny's behaviour to her brothers and eventually made her accompany her brothers on their scourges or turf fights. It was on one of these excursions where she saw one of her brothers fight without command against another dog, and tried to direct him during the scuffle, ultimately ending in one of her brother's death. Realizing she had much to learn and by feeling guilty, she took on his responsibilities in the pack.

Coming back from one of the daily watches, Gaminny and her brothers found a slime of a human being on their mother, beating her for no reason comprehensible to them. All of them tried to recoil and attack the man, but he had a blade to inwhich help his extermination of street dogs. Gaminny and her family were all slain, but then avenged by Gaminny's current contractor who happened upon the scene by trying to avoid the crowds of Babel. Gaminny's spirit was reborn into that of an Inugami and contracted with the girl as a thanks to her slain family.

Gaminny is a little bit stuck up, but means well in it. She believes strongly she knows what she's doing, and wants everyone to acknowledge her ideas and presence. She tries to present herself in a mature light, but at heart is still a pup easily distracted by simple things.

She also believes she is the stronger inugami and has more of a stance in the "pack" than she really does. Her goal is to be the Alpha despite her gender and will do anything to achieve that title, and since Inukun poses a great threat, she treats him poorly. Though, she does care about his well-being as well as everyone else.

Keeps a charm of her brothers and mother's teeth around her neck. She also seals most of her inugami power by wearing a traditional "triangle" warding paper held by the red string and gems around her head.

Garmy ϟ [ Loathes the attention he gets from their master, a rival for attention ]
Knifebird ϟ [ Respects as current leader, but wants to be better than him. ]
Inukun ϟ [ Dislikes solely for the reason he could be alpha. Grating attitude but thinks of like a brother. ]
Maka ϟ [ Extremely fond of; Loves to do things with her and protect her. ]
Yuni ϟ [ Dislikes and distrusts. Wants him to get his ass kicked and disowned. ]
Meatball ϟ [ Curious about. ]
Meatbro ϟ [ Haven't met him. ]
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