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Fell asleep on the job GG Knifebird GG. XDDD Wow just seeing his name used seriously is XDDD
@fuckass: I love you meatball, come here honeybuns
Demon: Unicorn
Race: Holy Beast
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 26
Height: 6'1''
Likes: Tapping ass, caviar, lots of free running
Dislikes: Younger kids, other unicorn, untrimmed nose hair, plasma-ing, Brella's bony ass

"A legendary white horse with a single spiral horn. It can only be tamed by a pure maiden. Its horn supposedly has miraculous healing capabilities."

Always a misfit out of the bunch, Yuni never believed in the stereotypes that came with being a unicorn. Mother and father were ashamed of him; kicked him out of the forest. He often bullied other unicorn and mystical horses, and would throw them into populated cities so that they would be killed for their blood/horns. Most other unicorn attribute him to the near extinction of their species.

Eventually in the midst of chasing female demon asses and cussing at everything in life, he was caught peeing on the Shibuya Quartz tablet and was bound to a life of servitude where he must obey humans and be the one getting 'rode on.' Still, he has some strong legs.

Rude, insensitive, angry.
Hates maidens and bites their skirts. Hates doing work and dislikes getting rode on (will try to throw off anyone who wants to ride him). Never finished learning how to heal and that sort of crap they learn in The Prestigious Unicorn Academy for Gifted Unicorns. Despises other unicorns for letting humans ride on them. On occasion he will kiss up to those that can probably kill him like the giant Unicorn of Nakano, who he calls "Brother."

He says he still retains the finer aspects of being a unicorn, such as having superior blood and a refined taste of caviar and goose liver. As such he will order anyone within distance to fetch him the finest wine and kobe beef (the taste isn't that great for him, but he has to keep up the front).

Maka - Bound to the same summoner as Maka, who he calls "shithead" in reference to her scroll. Kicks her off cliffs.
Inukun - Often have fights with him and thinks of him as a stupid punk. Calls him "periodhead."
Meatball - Pretty cool dude. Rolls and doesn't give a shit.
@vio.: WUB oh, humans taste like lard, no thank you! Vio can take me home; brush me lots! ///
Maka (chan)
Demon: Makami
Race: Godly Beast
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 13
Height: 4'5''
Likes: Vegetables, incremental exploration, healing others
Dislikes: Thunder, darkness, getting pulled by the tail

"A divine beast in Japanese mythology. They are often used to ward of evil, especially thefts and fires. But, there is also a belief that it eats people. Wolves can become Makami."

Maka was a young wolf pup when she died after being attacked by another band of wolves. She became a demon, but doesn't remember much about her past life other than that she had siblings and a mother.

After being contracted, she finds herself a good healer and messenger. She stores scrolls in her compartment on her head and makes deliveries when needed.

She values protecting others no matter the cost and getting tasks done, but is easily frightened by the smallest things. Still, she takes much pride in being able to revive people and demons. Though when she is not able to revive someone/get's KO'ed while doing so, she gets a bit depressed. She is also amused by other demons that don't look like her; she rarely sees other Makami and gets a bit lonely. Therefore Maka adores being doted on.

Maka can be awfully blunt about how she feels about people. She sometimes has trouble forming sentences and will refer to herself by name or "me."

Knifebird - Maka thinks Knifebird is a protective uncle type to everyone and admires him. She hopes to be useful like him someday and listens up when he asks.
Kaichi - She refers to Kaichi as Kaichi-nii because they are both godly beasts, but wonders why he doesn't look like a wolf. Will help him groom to a shiny coat if needed.
Gaminny - She feels Gaminny is like her big sister or mother; she doesn't really remember how her real mother was like when she was alive, so she thinks she would be like Gaminny. Enjoys cuddling with her.
Yuni - Yuni is her stupid oaf of a big brother and Maka often scolds him for being unruly.
Inukun - She considers Inukun as actually a soft guy that needs special care. She enjoys showing him things she finds on the ground.