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Nationality: Polish

Studying: at Technical University of Lodz

Interests: Art; Personal development; Movies; Graphics; RPG; Fantasy; S-F; Ghosts :)
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    Grazyna Kita
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Have a warm and cozy Holiday <3
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Happy New Year for everyone!!! I love you guys :)

(And BTW: at the picture there're two characters from something I've been thinkig since last year ^^.)
Happy Holidays!!!
Happy Holidays to everyone!

No matter if they are Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza, may they be warm, happy and joyful. :)
September 23rd, 2012
Again, sorry for not updating the proper comic page, as for last week I've been totally sick, and staring at the computer screen's made my eyes burn. :(

As the "sorry gift", I'm posting the old commission I made for my friend.

Ebjoy! ^^
September 16th, 2012
Aaawww <3.

how he managed to keep this particular dot on him? ^^

Any way, he looks much more handsome in short hairs... and more manly with all that bruises :3
Thank you everyone, who commented my comic. It means a lot for me.

Thank to you, eventhoug I'm not allways have time , I'm trying my best to make a new page.

Love YOU ;3
Hi guys!

I'm back after my examination session. Sorry for delay and lack of updates.

I hope, now everything would go in normal way. ><

Now about omic: we're getting back to the story of Adelian, Gilbert and his overtalkative sword.

Enjoy! ^^
I'm really sorry for not updating the regular comic. Unfortunately I have very important exams this week :(.

I whish that this picture of mine would wipe your tears away.

Next week, when I 'll be after test and other stuff, there would be double update ^^' (I hope :P).

Thanks for beeing here and once again sorry ><.
I thik Septieme look pretty in his glasses. :3
I konw it looks... somewhat "poor", but I've experienced strong fight with my computer which ate my work.

Hope you like the new page, and thank you for all support.

Love you guys <3
April 21st, 2012

Is his boyfriend still behind him? ><

April 18th, 2012
Now, that was a suprise! o.O
Do we have some championships between Mikkal and Ethan?

'Cause he's looking so concerned, like he wants to be sure that he's better than him. :3
For a moment I forgot to read the dialogues... >< I'm so enjoying your drawings *.*
@Mythee: Maybe later ther will be extra yuri episode here. Don't know yet :3
But still, this comic is only about BL.

Nevertheless, thank you for the comment.
To some very bad, bad place.

Or maybe somewhere, where you can be raped? *w*
April 17th, 2012
Dafuq? ?.?

Somebody is in big trouble. And now, will Hades save his boyfriend?

Oh, wait. He's Apollo's body. :3
April 16th, 2012
Thanks for 120+ favs!
Easter bunny
Have an Easter full of love, true friends and new beginnings!